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Tips from #hellodigital17

Created: March 9, 2017
Posted in: Tourism Industry

The recent Highlands and Islands Enterprise #hellodigital17 event in Inverness was packed full of tips on digital marketing for tourism businesses.  Our Marketing Administrator came away inspired and with a notebook full of scribbles – here are some of the tips and thoughts from the experts:

  • Digital Behaviour Scientist Dr Jillian Ney talked about attention killers and attention triggers and gave a fascinating insight into human behaviour. To capture attention you need to first look at the non-conscious drivers and signals in the social media conversations of your audience.  (Our non-conscious decides what we pay attention to).
  • Memories are extremely important – they dictate a lot of our behaviour towards brands
  • The purpose of content is: to grab attention, provoke interest and convert action
  • You are attracted to the things that are familiar to you. “We need to think about what is familiar within that culture and what is familiar within that audience to grab their attention”.  Everyone’s audience is slightly different.
  • Three parts to the brain – reptile (only understands visuals), middle (driven by emotion) and executive. To get to the logical part of the brain you have to go through the other two stages first.  Instagram and photos online get to our reptile brain.
  • Look at personality profiles of audience – will determine what trigger words and content these people are going to look for
  • Pauline McLaughlin, one of Scotland’s most senior PR practitioners, talked about PR in a connected world – storytelling skills have been so important and quality content is essential
  • 84% of the UK adult population are now on social media – what are you doing to get involved?
  • Talk with rather than target your market
  • Track all variations of your brand name, with and without @ (only 9% of tweets are directed at your brand).
  • Rand Fishkin founder of Moz gave ideas for small businesses competing with the big guys online, small businesses have unique advantages
  • Target keywords that aren’t worth the competitors’ time/energy – look at the long tail of the keyword search for the less commonly searched-for phrases; more likely to convert and engage visitors with those phrases.
  • Leverage geographic location/niche appeal to make your reach stronger – ie. maps in local results in Google searches and local targeting in Facebook
  • Reduce your costs in marketing and increase engagement through remarketing – target people that have already given your email address (remarketed lists for search advertising)
  • YouTube is the second largest social media channel with 1+ billion monthly active users and is underused by businesses
  • More than 50% of people are searching on mobile devices before using a desktop
  • Mike McGrail, Digital Marketing Consultant, talked about how the free ride in social media is over – businesses need to adapt and start paying for social media – “maintain the organic excellence but add paid now”.
  • Never treat each platform as the same thing
  • Thank people when they tweet about you, interact – the key is social
  • Paid social media – very cost effective if you do it properly.  You can take £10 and test it out.
  • Don’t pay for followers, you won’t activate people by doing that.  Pay for clicks to site and content.
  • Reach out to people without an immediate sales message
  • Facebook ads offers incredible targetting.  You can target people who like companies who are similar to your company, mums of children aged 1 or 2 etc.
  • Create targetted audience on Facebook, test with a small amount, run different ads
  • Email marketing is the most effective form of digital marketing – Fergus Weir, Managing Director of teclan
  • David Pugh-Jones, Brand Strategy Director at The Smalls, rounded up the day with a session on video – apparently 84% of all internet traffic will be video by 2018
  • Show people your USP
  • Think about what you’re trying to do and how you’re trying to communicate with your consumers
  • Two underlying factors to sharing video – social motivation and psychological responses
  • Vertical video ads have 9% more completed views than horizontal videos
  • Brands should talk to people the way people talk to each other – every time you create content think about who you’re talking to
  • Surprise your audience, make them compelled, be authentic, be original

View the keynote sessions here:

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