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Cut Tourism VAT Campaign

Created: June 28, 2017
Posted in: Industry News, Representation, Self-catering Industry, Tourism Industry

Tourism VAT is on the agenda for the Government as part of the Confidence and Supply arrangement agreed by the Conservative Party and the Democratic Unionist Party of Northern Ireland.

As set out in the agreement, made public yesterday:

A detailed consultative report will be commissioned into the impact of VAT on tourism in Northern Ireland to recommend how best to build upon the growing success of that sector

This comes after the DUP made a reduction in Tourism VAT a manifesto pledge.

A detailed study into a Tourism VAT cut for Northern Ireland, which competes with Ireland for custom where the rate is just 9%, will show that a reduction in Tourism VAT should be implemented across the UK.

Speaking about the news, Cut Tourism VAT Campaign Chairman, Dermot King said yesterday:

“The benefits would be felt most keenly in coastal and rural areas in need of regeneration.  We look forward to submitting our extensive research to the government outlining the positive impacts of a reduction.

I am confident the findings of this consultation will show that Tourism VAT should be reduced to 5% across every part of the UK, creating 121,000 jobs, increasing UK export earnings from tourism and bringing in £4.6bn to the Treasury over 10 years.”

Encouraging your MP to support Cut Tourism VAT

The Campaign has support from politicians of all political parties. They currently have the support of 120 MPs. Please check this list to see if your MP already support us and if not, do contact them asking them to join up.

The Cut Tourism VAT Financial Highlights document sets out all the compelling reasons for reducing Tourism VAT in an easy to read format.

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