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Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption Insurance 

ASSC is working with the Professional Association of Self-Caterers and others, including our Partner for Business, Bruce Stevenson. There has been much debate, however thus far, RSA has responded negatively to all intimated claims. The fear is that it will require both Government and FCA to be a little more direct in their instruction to RSA in particular as thus far RSA are opting out.

In regard to NFU, it is unclear yet again what cover is on offer and we have not been advised as yet on any payments being made but if we can clarify it would be good to know.

This will be a marathon rather than a sprint, but is something that, as an association,  we are committed to addressing.

Please see our previous news item on this: Read More

Anyone with insurance through Gallagher/CottageSure, there is a Facebook Group linking in members for joint action.

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