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Business Interruption Insurance: Please Help Us to Help You #Justpayit

Insurers are deducting Grant payments from pay-outs.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to widespread disruption and business closures resulting in substantial financial loss. Many customers have made claims for these losses under their Business Insurance (BI) policies. When payments are being made by insurers, they are deducting any Grants that policy holders may have received to support them through COVID-19.

The grants provided to self-catering businesses offered a desperately needed lifeline during the Covid-19 crisis. Insurance companies want to deduct these grants from any pay-out they make against business interruption policies, advance cancellation clauses and denial of access. This is totally immoral. Help us stop it.

ASSC and the Professional Association of Self-Caterers UK UK (PASC) have written to the Association of British Insurers (ABI) to ask what their policy was on this.

We received a rather insipid response from ABI.

An active lobbying campaign resulted in the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) taking insurance companies to court. Now we need you to help again.

PASC is currently undertaking a PR campaign to bring this to the attention of the media and UK Government. Timing is critical as the insurance companies are in Court from Monday.

See this article in NS Insurance magazine: NFU Mutual ‘behaving poorly’ by deducting government grant money from payouts, say campaigners.

Please help us to stop insurance companies deducting grants from payouts

You can really help to make a difference.

Simply download the attached two letters, personalise them and email one to your MP / MSP and one to the FCA. It will take a matter of minutes.

Please copy correspondence to: chair@pascuk.co.uk and chiefexecutive@assc.co.uk

A set of Frequently Asked Questions  will help you fully understand the problem.

List of MSPs email addresses here: MSPs – full list

You can find your MP’s email here by entering your postcode.

Please also publicise the campaign through your social media too, using the tag #justpayit.

Meanwhile, the test case brought to court by the FCA, aimed at resolving the contractual uncertainty around the validity of many BI claims will run from Monday to Thursday for two weeks, commencing on Monday 20th July. The whole case will be televised and can be watched on streaming TV here.


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