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Ease of Lockdown: Statement from the ASSC

The First Minister has announced today that the accommodation sector will be part of phase three of the Scottish Government’s four stage gradual approach to easing restrictions.

The first phase of easing restrictions will commence next week (28 May) but there are no dates specified beyond that. The Scottish Government have stated that this will be a gradual and evidence-led approach; they may have to reapply restrictions if the ‘R number’ changes so it is not possible to provide definitive dates for the subsequent phases.

There is no definitive timeline beyond Phase 1 of easing restrictions which begins next week. It is an evidence-led and gradual process, therefore the Scottish Government may have to reapply restrictions if there is any deterioration in regard to the ‘R number’ so they cannot provide exact timescales on that basis.

For clarity, Phase 3 does not begin in August. Schools, which are part of phase 3, are expected to return on 11 August but that does not apply to any other sectors in that phase.

ASSC is formulating a strategy to get the message over to the Scottish Government and MSPs that it is inequitable to treat all accommodation providers in the same way.

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