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First Minister’s Statement

In her media briefing, the First Minister said the following (25/03/20):

  • A further six people have died from coronavirus in Scotland, taking the total number to 22 (later it was confirmed that 719 people in Scotland had tested positive). “It is clear thar we are seeing a rapid rise in cases in Scotland”.
  • The Scottish Government will create their own COVID-19 Advisory Group to “supplement” the UK Government’s SAGE Group. This will be chaired by Professor Andrew Morris of the University of Edinburgh and will provide “bespoke advice” for the Scottish population.
  • The Scottish Government will publish further guidance today on what workplaces should shut down. Businesses should be “responsible” during the crisis and put the “health of workers first”.
  • The FM also touched on the importance of good mental health and wellbeing during the period of social distancing measures.


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