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Laws and Guidance Related to COVID-19

The UK government and the devolved administrations have introduced public health measures to restrict the spread of coronavirus.

Certain laws were introduced at the start of the pandemic and created legal restrictions on certain activities. We refer to these as ‘lockdown laws’.

Further laws have been introduced subsequently e.g. the requirement to self-isolate when returning to the UK from certain countries, as well as lockdown laws that only apply to specific areas of the country or to specific activities (‘local lockdowns’).

Some legal restrictions have now been lifted, and the government has issued guidance about what people should do in place of or in addition to some lockdown laws.

Unlike lockdown laws, compliance with government guidance is not legally binding.

It is important for businesses and consumers to follow government guidance to help stop the spread of the coronavirus, and for businesses to treat consumers, including those following government guidance, fairly and responsibly.

Businesses that mislead consumers about the effects of lockdown laws or guidance, or put pressure on consumers not to comply with them, may infringe consumer protection law.

Further information on consumer protection law can be found on the consumer protection pages on GOV.UK.

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