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Licensed trade and hospitality update: Cafe

The definition of cafe for premises has been further clarified by the Scottish Government as follows:

Q: How do I know if I can define my business as a café?

  1. You should consider the following key questions: a) do you serve alcohol only without food to customers?; b) does your normal hours of operation extend to 20:00?; c) do you have a range of menus (an evening menu)?  If any of these apply then you are not a café within the definition set out in the regulations.”

Glasgow Licensing Board has also offered further assistance and suggested operators consider the following: may be helpful if we describe how we intend to support you to comply with the additional measures.

  • how the business operated before the measures were announced, rather than how the business rather than how the business plans to operate from 6pm on Friday 9 October when the restrictions began.
  • What are the hours of operation? A business which trades during the day and into the evening is more likely to be a restaurant than a café.
  • Do the premises have a bar? Premises with a bar are more likely to be a restaurant than a café.
  • Does the business sell full meals across multiple courses? Cafés are more likely to serve single course meals or meals involving a single savoury course followed by a sweet course.
  • Is it likely that a patron would go to the business only for a non-alcoholic beverage? It is more likely that someone would patronise a café for only a coffee than that they would patronise a restaurant for only a coffee.

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