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Scottish Government Response to the Higgins Report

The Scottish Government have published their response to the recommendations made in the Higgins Report.

The Cabinet Secretary for the Economy Fiona Hyslop has outlined a number of key actions to generate economic growth, as well as a focus on protecting and supporting jobs, skills and training.

The overall response is based around six key themes: business recovery and growth; engagement and partnership approach; employment, skills and training; supporting people and places; investment-led growth for wellbeing impact; and monitoring progress and outcomes.

Main Points on Tourism

  • The report notes existing Scottish Government measures to support the tourism industry, including the provision of business support, to the creation of the Tourism Recovery Taskforce which will report next month. It also mentions the Visit Scotland £1m grant funding to self-catering businesses.
  • In terms of new actions, it states that the Scottish Government will enact Scotland’s Tourism Strategy: Scotland – Outlook 2030 whose overarching aim is to make Scotland “the leader in 21st Century tourism, with a focus on wellbeing, climate and wider sustainability.”
  • The Scottish Government also plan to continue to press the UK Government’s Tourism Ministers’ Group for “a longer term and more comprehensive solution to VAT” within tourism and hospitality as the current VAT cut was “short term and selective in nature, missing out some parts of the sector.”

Read the response.

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