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STA responds to the Chancellor of the Exchequer announcement

“The headline commitment is substantial and welcome but this is a moment when the headline of policy is irrelevant, all that matters is how lifeline support gets to the front line of this economic crisis.

Details matter and we hope to work with government at all levels to secure the future of businesses of all sizes in our sector. It is mission critical for jobs and our future that support is made available in a way that businesses can receive and put to work for the good of us all. Small grants for small businesses are welcome but for most businesses at this level it won’t protect jobs for more than a few days and many businesses do not want the burden of extra debt.

The Chancellor’s acknowledgement of the importance of protecting families and jobs offers a level of comfort but supporting payroll as other countries have done is what is needed immediately.

Whilst the business rates relief for medium and large operators is very welcome, it doesn’t benefit all who operate in the industry and therefore alternative measures of relief such as an automatic deferral of VAT and PAYE due to HMRC and additional measures which will assist businesses in paying staff and avoiding redundancies which we are already seeing across the sector.

All across Europe governments have gone further in supporting employees.  The UK and Scotland needs to be at front of the most ambitious and supportive measures, it will pay back.  This is urgent. We know public resource is precious but if this is got right we will all, as taxpayers, save money in the longer term.

We look forward to a subsequent announcement by the Scottish Government in response to our asks on behalf of industry which was submitted early yesterday and are hopeful that the acknowledgment of the stark crisis that all tourism businesses and suppliers are facing will be reflected in any support packages for the sector.”

Marc Crothall,


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