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Update on progress: Cleaning Guidelines for the Self-Catering Sector

The ASSC is delighted that final versions of cleaning guidelines for the self-catering sector have been shared with UK Hospitality, and are now being included in their consolidated guidance being presented to UK Government Ministers later this week.

This guidance has been developed in partnership by the Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers, the Professional Association of Self-Caterers, the Short-Term Accommodation Association and the Wales Tourism Alliance. It is supported by the Tourism Alliance, the Scottish Tourism Alliance and the Welsh Association of Self-Catering Operators.

This content is based on guidance from the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), WHO (World Health Organisation), European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC), and Centres for Disease Control (CDC), NIH (National Institutes of Health), NHS (National Health Service).

The guidelines are designed to augment the hospitality guidance being developed by UKH at a national level.

These guidelines will be shared at the earliest possible time, once they are endorsed by UK and Scottish Governments. 


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