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Member Clarification Notice – SuperControl

Member Clarification Notice – SuperControl

Member Clarification Notice – SuperControl

It came to our attention that there may be some confusion about the services provided by SuperControl and what charges apply, relating to EmbraceScotland.

We thought we’d best clear that up by providing a summary:

SuperControl is a fully integrated Property Management System and Channel Manager for property owners and agencies.


For the Property Management System there’s an annual licence fee based on the number of properties and depending on whether you are an owner or an agency.

Use of the Channel Manager is included in the annual licence fee, except for bookings received from the 5 big OTAs. For OTA bookings only, a channel service fee of 1%+VAT applies. The 5 big OTAs are: Booking.com, Airbnb, HomeAway, TripAdvisor, Expedia. There is no fee for direct bookings or for non-OTA bookings via any other source.

Therefore the SuperControl Channel Manager is free for bookings from EmbraceScotland and VisitScotland, both of which are integrated with SuperControl, ensuring your bookings are synchronised with your direct booking calendar.

For those not familiar with SuperControl

SuperControl offers a complete solution:

  • Efficient operations for you and your team through the Property Management System
  • In-built Channel Manager including Embrace Scotland and VisitScotland
  • Cancellation protection for you and your guests – guests can cancel for any reason, including Coronavirus
  • Tools to increase your independence from OTAs and bring you more direct control over your business
  • Advanced communication tools for optimising the guest relationship to stimulate repeat bookings
  • Verified reviews platform
  • Methods for increasing the profitability of every booking, eg upselling and price optimisation
  • Easy integration and low transition costs
  • Ongoing service and support from office in Scotland
  • Fully scalable
  • Data oversight through reports and analysis

There is a vibrant Facebook community for SuperControl users only, in which issues of the day such as pricing strategies, time-saving tips, ways of gaining competitive advantage and business model evolution are all explored to great effect.

Find out more about SuperControl.

In their own words

When I quizzed Melinda Kennedy, co-founder of SuperControl about their channel service fee Melinda said, “We are committed to providing channel management for non-OTA websites without a fee as we strongly believe in multi-channel marketing, both for visibility and spreading risk. We only charge for OTA bookings because we have to; more than half of all our work goes into developing, maintaining and supporting the OTA integrations.

The ASSC is all about direct bookings, healthy member businesses and a strong self-catering industry in Scotland. We could not be bigger believers in the ASSC’s vital work. For 20 years we have served on your Board, sponsored your conferences, provided Embrace Scotland’s online availability calendars for free and supported your advocacy work with our voice and data. We are not about to charge your members for bookings taken through your website!”

Melinda Kennedy, SuperControl

ASSC Marketing Membership

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