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Advice from JL Morris

Advice from JL Morris


One of the reasons for using an Insurance Broker is due to the free of charge  experience of knowing which insurers automatically provide wider cover than usual within their standard policy and at no extra premium!  Not all insurance policies provide the same cover –

Your flight is delayed / cancelled due to a drone endangering take off or landing. Which travel insurer includes this cover? 

 All home insurances include public liability, but which home insurers provide liability cover for powered mobility scooters?

 You are a landlord and your property is trashed by the outgoing tenants. Which insurers will include unlimited cover for this damage?

An oil spill occurs near enough to your self catering property to cause bookings to be cancelled (or not made in the first place).  Which policy includes loss of income as a result?

None of the above examples are likely; that is the nature of insurance to provide cover for the unexpected.  Stuff happens!

If you require ‘special’ cover always bring this to the attention of the Insurance Broker should it be that a policy can be recommended that has this already included.   However, it is the professional duty of the Insurance Broker to offer you the widest cover – remember, not all insurance policies are the same!

You may find that the individual cover that you thought was needed is already included within one of your other insurances. A good example is so-called ‘gadget’ insurance.  Typically, a waste of money as your home insurance will already include this.

By having your Insurance Broker arrange all of your insurances he / she is in a far better position to provide you with detailed advice as the whole picture is known, and is not fragmented with insurances arranged all over the place.

No one insurer is able to provide all of the cover you need; your Insurance Broker will arrange your insurance from a range of providers – all you need is this one point of contact.

Happy New Year!

David J Morris ACII

Chartered Insurance Broker


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