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Cyber Resilience Voucher Scheme

A new Cyber Resilience Voucher Scheme has been launched for Scottish businesses, which aims to ensure that as many businesses as possible trade safely online, protect their data effectively and become resilient to cyber attacks.  The £1,500 Cyber Resilience voucher will enable businesses to secure the services of an industry expert who can help with their cyber security strategy and check that their systems meet the Cyber Essentials UK Government Standard.  There are 200 vouchers available, find out more about the scheme, the criteria and how to apply here.

What is Cyber Resilience? 

Cyber Resilience takes the concept of protecting yourself and your business beyond just having security procedures in place.  In this modern age where the level of cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated it prepares you for how to bounce back should the worst happen and you find yourself a victim of an attack.

Misconceptions around Cyber Resilience and where support is available

One of the common misconceptions amongst SMEs is that they are too small to be a victim of a cyber attack, however the truth is anyone can suffer an attack.  If a business is not taking at least the basic steps to protect their business then they will be left particularly vulnerable.  There is a wealth of information available via a number of different sources (perhaps too much) aimed at helping businesses get the basics right.  One of these is the UK Government’s Cyber Essentials Scheme, the Digital Scotland Business Excellence Partnership (DSBEP) have decided to support up to 200 companies to get upfront advice from an expert to help businesses prepare themselves for Cyber Essentials and then complete the assessment as a way of sense checking their approach to cyber resilience.

How is Cyber Resilience Relevant to Tourism Businesses?

A tourism business strongly relies on their brand reputation to sell their product or services and works tirelessly at maintaining and improving their reputation.  One of the main impacts companies who have suffered a Cyber Attack highlighted is the significant damage it can do to a brand reputation due to a feeling of trust being broken in the eyes of customers.  Any business that relies on online payment systems and has records of customer details on a computer system has data that could be of value to someone therefore it needs to be properly looked after.  The Cyber Essentials Scheme above focuses on how businesses can get the basics right and be recognised for doing so.

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