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Financial Memorandum associated with the Planning (Scotland) Bill Published

The Scottish Government have published the Financial Memorandum associated with the Planning (Scotland) Bill.

Significantly, Kevin Stewart says that the amendments made at Stage Two of the legislative process could “create millions of pounds of new costs for planning authorities” and that the sheer number of amendments threaten the underlying aims of the legislation. The Financial Memorandum estimates that the amendments at Stage Two could increase costs to planning authorities by up to £75m and more than £400m for business.

Further details, including the Financial Memorandum itself, are available here: https://news.gov.scot/news/delivering-an-improved-planning-system.

Association of Self-Caterers Chief Executive, Fiona Campbell, said:

“Following the publication of this financial memorandum, we at the ASSC must stress that our sector has significant concerns about some amendments to the Planning Bill.

“There are some amendments to this bill that would have huge financial implications on struggling local authorities, particularly in how they relate to the £723million short-term rental sector, not to mention business owners, if they were put into practice.

“We also know that there are many individuals and groups across civic Scotland who share our concerns.”

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