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Forward Together: A Collaborative Approach to Short-Term Letting

The ASSC is delighted to launch a policy proposal paper: Forward Together: A Collaborative Approach to Short-Term Letting.

Contrary to the current media narrative, short-term lets are not a new phenomenon. Given that the ASSC has acted as the trusted voice of the self-catering sector for over forty years, we are well aware that short-term lets have always formed a crucial supportive part of Scotland’s rich tourism offering.

Today, the self-catering sector brings around £723m of economic activity to Scotland each year. With such figures in mind, it is little wonder that the Scottish Government have welcomed the economic benefits of our sector, as well as the development of new models of short-term letting to Scotland.

Building on previous policy recommendations and engagement with the Scottish Government, the ASSC has set out a series of solutions to the main issues identified in the consultation process and which can assist the Scottish Government as they take forward the details of the scheme and help inform the regulations.

This paper seeks to support the Scottish Government’s commitment to regulate the short-term rental sector in Scotland. Overall, it aims to:

  • Ensure the responsible growth and sustainability of the self-catering industry
  • Strike an appropriate balance for the tourist economy, visitors and local residents
  • Provide a proportionate, evidence-based and future proofed solution for national and local government
  • Provide consumer protection for visitors using short-term lets in Scotland.

Everyone that works in the short-term let industry supports health and safety for all guests. Of course they do! Commercial operators have worked within a pre-existing legislative framework for decades. We have specific legislation in place concerning fire and other safety regulations. We also have specific legislation in place for anti-social behaviour.

The ASSC is delighted to be working in collaboration with Roomonitor and Quality in Tourism to deliver robust initiatives to respond to problems highlighted by local communities in Scotland, and to extend existing legislation to all operators in the sector.

If adopted, it would address several of the concerns that have been raised about short-term lets by balancing the rights and interest of local communities with those of the short-term letting industry.

Read the paper: Forward Together

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