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Are you involved in self-catering or short-term letting?

Are you involved in any of the following:

  1. ‘Home Sharing’: a type of STL involving the letting of a room or rooms where the host normally lives (their primary residence) with the host in residence
  2. ‘Home Letting’: a type of STL involving the letting of a room or rooms or the entire property where the host normally lives (their primary residence) when the host is absent (on holiday ow away on business)
  3. ‘Secondary Letting’: a type of STL involving the letting of a room or rooms or the entire property where the host does not normally live

Does your STL operation include:

  1. Conventional, independent (no shared facilities or concierge) and static homes, such as houses, flats and cottages (typically principal homes, second homes and holiday cottages)
  2. Less conventional static accommodation (which may be independent or rely on shared facilities, such as park homes, static caravans, chalets, huts and pods)
  3. Quasi-hotel accommodation (also static) comprising multiple properties in a tailored building, such as apart hotels and serviced apartments
  4. Mobile accommodation, primarily boats, such as canal boats and yachts.

Would you have concerns about your local authority applying the following conditions to your property:

  1. Meet and greet every guest
  2. Arrival and departure curfews
  3. Notification of any alterations to the layout to the property
  4. Setting occupancy limits
  5. Requirement to provide ‘adequate’ facilities for storage and disposal of refuse and recycling
  6. Minimising noise: replacing wood floors with carpeted or vinyl flooring / installing door closers / noise monitoring kits
  7. Requiring visits to inspect conditions have been met
  8. Data to be provided to local authorities on number of nights let (including number of persons per night)

Would you have concerns about a licence fee of approximately £1000 per annum plus a ‘monitoring fee’ of a further £1000 per annum, in addition to planning permission fee of £401?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, it is critical that you get involved:

  1. Find a briefing note here, explaining the proposals.
  2. Find out what self-caterers had to say at the STL Delivery Group Workshop.
  3. Find out what questions ASSC members have asked about the proposals: STL Questions compilation
  4. Read Airbnb’s response to the proposals.
  5. The ASSC invites you to a discussion on the Short-Term Let Consultation aimed at owners/ operators in the self-catering sector in Scotland on 13th October at 4.30pm. Fiona Campbell, Chief Executive of ASSC, alongside Joanna Millar, Legal Director of Gilson Gray LLP, will discuss the details of the Short-Term Let Consultation. Register here.
  6. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY: Respond to the STL Consultation before 16th October 2020 HERE

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