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Chief Executive’s Report 2019

Chief Executive’s Report 2019

Chief Executive’s Report 2019

After several extremely buoyant years for tourism in Scotland, the latest figures from VisitScotland are concerning:
  • International trips in Q1 of 2019 are down -35% on Q1 2018
  • International spend is down -43% on Q1 2018
  • Day visits are down -3% on Q1 2018
  • Day visit spend is down -11% on Q1 2018
As a sector, we have continued to face significant regulatory threats, which have been both time-consuming and challenging, including:
  • Continued negative press
  • Political pressure at the Scottish Parliament
  • The proposed amendment to the Scottish Government’s Planning (Scotland) Bill
  • Scottish Government consultation into short-term letting regulatory framework
  • Planning policy from City of Edinburgh Council
  • Transient Visitor Levy/Tourism Tax consultations from the Scottish Government and some local authorities.
With Brexit on all our minds, it will become increasingly important to be agile, to understand and reflect consumer demand, to up our game and ensure that we stay ahead of the game.

ASSC members’ commitment to maintaining the principles of “quality, integrity, cleanliness, comfort, courtesy and efficiency” and to offering visitors to Scotland consistently high standards within their self-catering properties has never been more important. The ASSC’s vision continues to place our members at the forefront of a professional, vibrant and prosperous Scottish self-catering sector.

The ASSC will continue to support self-catering in Scotland. We will continue to work with Scottish Government, local authorities, stakeholders in the UK and across the EU (whatever happens in the next few months), to ensure that we stay at the forefront of any conversation where our sector is concerned.

The ASSC is fighting hard and fighting strong, and we are being heard by the people that matter.

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