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ASSC Committed to Quality Scheme (CTQ)


The Association of Scotland’s Self Caterers is the leading professional community for self-catering in Scotland with a Vision to take the leading role in supporting and promoting a vibrant and prosperous self-catering sector that is recognised as pivotal to the future of Scotland’s Tourism Economy.

The focus is on supporting individuals, businesses and communities in the promotion of Scottish self-catering as a sustainable, inclusive and responsible form of accommodation, at the heart of Scotland’s tourism offer.

Members of the ASSC are professional self-catering operators who deliver exceptional experiences to guests through their commitment to quality and by adhering to the
ASSC Code of Conduct.

The ASSC Member Committed to Quality (CTQ) scheme which operates alongside VisitScotland’s Quality Assurance Scheme is a commitment from all members to maintain the principles of “quality, integrity, cleanliness, comfort, courtesy and efficiency” through continual professional development to ensure visitors to Scotland consistently receive high standards within their self-catering properties.

Our purpose: is to empower our diverse and
professional membership, enabling them to deliver exceptional experiences to

The aims of ASSC’s Committed to Quality scheme

  • To ensure the quality of members’ properties and customer service
  • To encourage members to continue to develop and improve their business
    practices through Continued Professional Development

CTQ Criteria

This Commitment to Quality and Continuing Professional Development is
enshrined in the Members Operating Agreement along with the
Code of Practice for accommodation operators and agents.

Members commit to:

  1. Engage in continuing professional development (CPD) and stay up-to-date with
    visitor trends by attending local, national or online tourism events,
    including ASSC Talks, and/or being associated with other tourism related
  2. Participate in a recognised online review system providing independent guest


The CTQ scheme comes at no additional cost to members.

VisitScotland Quality Assurance (QA) Scheme

The ASSC recommends that accommodation members sign up to the
VisitScotland Quality Assurance Scheme. Professional QA grading provides guests with the reassurance that properties have been inspected by a trained QA advisor.  Members also find the
grading visit extremely useful, both to ensure that properties are maintained
to a high standard as well as the valuable information that the QA advisor can
offer.   QA is a valuable business benchmark for members and remains the
ASSC’s preferred measure of quality.

Find out more from how to apply for the Quality Assurance Scheme,
benefits to your business and what fees are involved.

The TNS Scottish Self-catering Occupancy Survey demonstrates that graded
properties show significantly higher occupancy levels than those which are not

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