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Guidance for Unoccupied Premises

Now that we are in a further lockdown, your premises may be unoccupied.  This could have implications for your insurance as most policies only provide unoccupied property cover for a limited period, typically 30 to 60 days.

During the first national lockdown in 2020, most insurers granted extensions to these periods, however many insurers are not providing such extensions this time around and will also require to be notified of premises becoming unoccupied.

Please make sure you understand your insurance policy and the requirements therein with regards to changes that you make due to Covid restrictions.

If your property or business premises are unoccupied please let your insurance provider know. Also, let them know if there are substantive changes to the pattern of occupancy of the premises (or units therein). Some examples of such changes are:

  • Changes to the opening times
  • Part occupancy during the working week
  • Weekend occupancy (where not previously disclosed)
  • Subletting to another party

Concerning security, make sure you are complying with your insurer’s minimum security requirements and that the property is properly secured with fully operative alarms and security cameras.

Please remember that despite premises being unoccupied, property owners still carry a responsibility to look after the premises. Regular maintenance is particularly important for unoccupied premises and of course, during winter months.

Please contact your insurance provider if you are unsure about your duty of care and unoccupied properties, or any other issues concerning your insurance policy and Covid-19.

With thanks to Bruce Stevenson for this advice.

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