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Re-Opening of Self-Catering

Self-catering stands ready to welcome guests back to our properties on 26 April but more information and support is needed. Scotland remains a welcoming country, and visitors and locals will benefit from the reopening of the sector. Tourism makes Scotland richer, economically and socially, and without it Scotland would be a much poorer place.

With international travel unlikely for the foreseeable future, there is an opportunity to boost the domestic tourism market after an extremely challenging year financially, and to enable families to take a well-deserved and safe holiday in Scotland when tourist accommodation reopens.

Reopening will provide a sorely needed economic boost to self-catering businesses – who are ready and eager to welcome back customers from Scotland and the rest of the UK – as well as local communities, particularly in island, rural and remote areas.

As an industry, we recognise our responsibility in helping to prevent the spread of the virus and we want to take all possible measures to mitigate this and provide reassurance to consumers. Self-caterers in Scotland have robust government-backed cleaning protocols in place that underpins their commitment to safe and responsible reopening. Public health officials have provided assurances that self-catering poses minimal risk and is safer than other forms of accommodation.

We encourage all visitors to Scotland to treat the area and communities that they are visiting with respect and courtesy to help preserve, protect and maintain the high standards and amazing experiences to which our country is renowned.  We would encourage all visitors to plan ahead, check arrangements with the businesses they wish to visit, and book in advance.

The ASSC welcomes the Scottish Government’s timetable for sectoral reopening but ongoing financial provision is required for some self-caterers as household meeting restrictions will continue to impact the viability of some businesses, particularly larger self-catering accommodation, until we reach Level 0.

COVID-19 and its associated restrictions have hammered our sector so any further delays, insufficient support and guidance, or regression to previous levels would be a catastrophe for our sector.

Fiona Campbell

Chief Executive

Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers

Radio Scotland Drive Time 20th April:

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