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Test & Protect in Self-Catering

Self-catering is considered to be in the non-regulated sector in terms of Test & Protect.

Collecting Test & Protect (T&P) data in self-catering is not mandatory. 

It is encouraged, and operators are encouraged now, by the new multi-sector non-mandatory settings T&P guidance which was updated in April 2021:

This guidance applies to any establishment or operator in sectors that provide an on-site service or work in other people’s homes to deliver a service.

Self-catering is considered an on site service, as guests come and stay on site, rather than picking up say a click and collect library book, and then leaving again.  However even where a service is classed as ‘on-site’, in the non-mandatory sector this is not a legal requirement.

It is considered by the Scottish Government (SG) to be good practice to collect details from all guest, and leads to better and more useful data for T&P purposes.  There is no formal requirement for QR codes or anything complex here though.  SG has developed the ‘Check in Scotland’ system, to assist operators, and if operators chose to register for this, they can simply download a poster, that give details to their guests of how to check in.  But it has been stressed that in a self-catering setting this is not a legal requirement.

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