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The Impact of Rule of One Household to Properties that accommodate 7+

The ASSC ran a second survey in light of the Scottish Government’s announcement of further restrictions to social gatherings, excluding the self-catering sector from the Rule of Six down to only one household. This followed the Scottish Government’s u-turn on its position regarding self-catering and its inclusion in the cap on the number of households that can meet.

The Scotland-wide sectoral survey related specifically to properties that accommodate 7+, assessing the requirement for additional financial support since their viability is significantly restricted, but they have not been told to close. They are ineligible for any of the financial support stemming from the Break.

  • Almost half of respondents have properties that accommodate 7+.
  • The vast majority of respondents are from rural areas of Scotland.
  • Losses range from £600 to £50,000, with an average loss of £5,415 across respondents.
  • Respondents report a lack of bookings since 23rd September and a lack of onward bookings.
  • 87% or respondents are on non-domestic rates
  • 81% are concerned about the viability of their businesses.
  • 24% have commercial debt associated with their business, 36% of whom would benefit from an extension to mortgage holidays to mitigate ongoing fixed costs.

ASSC Sectoral Survey on Impact of Single Household Restrictions

Letter to Kate Forbes MSP 22 October 2020

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