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Update on Household Restrictions

It is expected that tourist accommodation will reopen on 26 April (self-catering accommodation to be restricted in line with rules on indoor gathering).  The prohibition of in-home socialising will continue to be kept under review at this date.

From 26 April – guests from one household can stay overnight in self catering

On the 17 May we hope to introduce the following easings – re-introducing in-home socialising for up to 4 people from up to 2 households.

From 17 May – four guests from two households can stay overnight in self-catering (in line with ‘up to four people from two households can socialise indoors in a private home or public space’)

Children 12 years and under not included.

The rules for self-catering are in line with the private dwelling socialising rules as set out in the levels framework.  Please note that an updated version will be published soon. Overnight stays are in line with the wider socialising measures at Levels 3 and 4 and with mitigations. In-house socialising mitigations need to be stressed to reduce the risk of transmission – so physical distancing, hand washing, cleaning surfaces, ventilation etc., should still be observed.

With the increased transmissibility of the new variants of the virus single household restrictions are necessary, at least in the initial phases of a move out of lockdown.

This will mean that single-household restrictions will apply until the in-house socialising rules allow, and tourism and hospitality guidance to mitigate risk involving should also be followed.

The approach to reducing household restrictions will be gradual as we move through the levels to ensure continued suppression of the virus. We will keep the guidance around restrictions under review to ensure safety, but will not keep them in place longer than is necessary.

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