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Strategic Plan 2022 – 2026

Our vision is that the ASSC takes the leading role in supporting and promoting a vibrant
and prosperous self-catering sector which is recognised as pivotal to the future of
Scotland’s Tourism Economy.

Our purpose is to empower our diverse & professional membership, enabling them to
deliver exceptional experiences to guests.

Our focus is on supporting individuals, businesses and communities in the promotion of
Scottish self-catering as a sustainable, inclusive and responsible form of accommodation, at the heart of Scotland’s tourism offer.

Our key messages are:

  • The ASSC is the leading professional community for self-catering in Scotland.
  • Self-catering is eco-friendly, flexible, independent, affordable and offers inclusivity for all.


We will deliver our purpose by growing our:

  • Organisational capability and effectiveness.
  • Brand strength and impact.
  • Financial stability and influence

Our strategic objectives are:
To ENABLE OUR GUESTS to create long lasting memories in high quality self-catering
properties: by finding immersive experiences and limitless discoveries where they can experience a different way of life for a short time in a new place.

To STIMULATE SELF-CATERING PROVISION as a vital element of sustainable tourism in Scotland: by promoting ethical travel where travellers are making decisions based on their conscious and perceived impact on the environment. Ensuring self-catering offers unique inclusive opportunities: enabling holidays for all.

To be an EXEMPLARY ORGANISATION by all relevant standards: by being seen as an effective organisation that leads in its field with the highest standards of governance, highly skilled staff and a culture of innovation.

To INCREASE OUR EFFECTIVE ADVOCACY FOR protecting and promoting the legitimate interests of self-catering providers and their guests: by defending self-catering provision, engaging with local and national governments, influencing local communities and developing the economic case for the self-catering sector.

To be an EVIDENCE-BASED organisation to inform our work: by gathering the evidence and making the case for the value of self catering provision to local, regional and national life.

To provide SUPPORT FOR EXEMPLARY SELF-CATERING MANAGEMENT: by delivering management support packages and services; enabling engagement with local communities, participation in relevant tourism development programmes and building our consulting capability.

To EXTEND OUR INFLUENCE and reach by diversifying our support base, networks and partnerships: by extending our impact through effective partnerships, focusing on enhancing our guests experience, continually striving to do more to be equitable, diverse
and inclusive.

To PROMOTE OUR BRAND and increase the perceived value of Scoish Self-Catering provision around the world: by increasing our membership and investing in supporting and promoting Scoish self-catering providers and their supply chains.

To BOOST OUR FUNDRAISING capability and FINANCIAL STABILITY: by diversifying our income streams and increasing our membership and multi-year project-driven funding.

Our key measures of success will see us:

  • Maintain and expand the membership base.
  • Maintain our financial stability.
  • Increase our income from a diverse range of sources.
  • Expand the range of services provided to members.
  • Establish and maintain robust data gathering and analysis processes to support our advocacy and lobbying functions.
  • Demonstrate greater economic benefit to communities through better engagement with the self-catering sector.
  • Evidence our commitment to inclusivity and environmental improvement.
  • Effective partnership participation in national and regional development of the tourism economy.
  • Enhance our reputation and credentials in promoting high quality self-catering provision at home and abroad.
  • Influence changes in relevant government policy at national, regional and local level.
  • Evidence effective planning, highest standards of governance, highest skilled staff and a culture of innovation


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