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ASSC Media Coverage 2024

June 2024

Scottish Housing News, Council approves plans for 10 short-term lets in Kinross High Street, 11/06/24

Scottish Sun, RIGHT AT HOME ‘Absolutely ridiculous!’ blast locals as ‘car camping’ NC500 tourists ‘take over bus shelter’ to do dishes, 10/06/24

Daily Express, ‘Amazing’ part of the UK applauded by tourists for its ‘next level’ friendly locals, 10/06/24

Evening News, Edinburgh short-term lets: Tory MSP Miles Briggs calls for Airbnb licensing legislation to be suspended, 07/06/24

Edinburgh Live, Edinburgh New Town basement holiday let to be refused due to ‘unacceptable impact’, 10/06/24

Press & Journal, Visitor Levy: Highland hoteliers on if it will be a burden or a boost to tourism, 09/06/24

Herald, John Swinney faces revolt over Scottish housing law, 10/06/24

Press & Journal, Only 16 properties to rent across all of the Highlands – and workers have ‘no place to live’ amid Airbnb boom, 05/06/24

iNews, What rules affecting Airbnb lets means for holidays – and tourist hotspots, 05/06/24

Greenock Telegraph, Approval granted for plan to use Greenock flat for short term lets, 03/06/24

Courier, Could Angus bring in tourist tax for its £259m-a-year visitor sector?, 04/06/24

Herald, Edinburgh hotel industry outperforms UK, report finds, 04/06/24

Holyrood, Will John Swinney’s new-look Scottish Government give rural Scotland its place?, 04/06/24

Times, What is Scotland’s tourist tax? How accommodation prices will change, 03/06/24

Scotsman, Mass protests on Majorca show why Scotland’s tourist industry needs a tourist tax – Stephen Jardine, 01/06/24

DNG24, Tourism tax could harm region, says MSP, 01/06/24

Holyrood, Associate Feature: A growing appetite for rural experiences, 03/06/24

Scottish Sun, CAMPERVAN CRAZY The NC500 has become ‘motorhome traffic jam’ says travel expert, 02/06/24

May 2024

Scotsman https://www.scotsman.com/news/scotland/best-worst-towns-cities-scotland-tourists-which-4644868

Yahoo News https://uk.news.yahoo.com/tenants-rights-campaigners-stage-protests-130520237.html

Harpers Wine https://harpers.co.uk/news/fullstory.php/aid/32827/Visitor_Levy_in_Scotland_delayed_until_2026_at_the_earliest.html

Morning Advertiser https://www.morningadvertiser.co.uk/Article/2024/05/30/slta-colin-wilkinson-fears-visitor-levy-is-tax-on-sector

Time Out https://www.timeout.com/uk/news/all-of-scotland-will-soon-get-a-tourist-tax-052924

Short Term Rentalz https://shorttermrentalz.com/news/scottish-government-licensing-scheme-amendments/

MSN https://www.msn.com/en-nz/travel/news/scotland-could-adopt-tourism-tax-similar-to-venice-what-is-it-and-how-much-will-it-cost/ar-BB1nbVDI

MSN https://www.msn.com/en-gb/travel/news/england-tourists-going-to-scotland-face-new-daily-charge-per-person/ar-BB1ncg9D

BBC https://www.bbc.com/news/articles/c8991dgg2wdo

Scottish Financial News https://www.scottishfinancialnews.com/articles/holyrood-passes-visitor-levy-bill

Scottish Business News https://scottishbusinessnews.net/vote-confirms-no-visitor-levy-in-place-in-scotland-until-2026-at-the-earliest/

Northern Times https://www.northern-times.co.uk/news/highland-msp-burgess-calls-for-venetian-style-tourist-levy-351913/

Public Sector Executive https://www.publicsectorexecutive.com/articles/authorities-investing-tourism

The Edinburgh Reporter https://theedinburghreporter.co.uk/2024/05/visitor-levy-bill-passed-at-holyrood-edinburgh-is-first-in-queue/

Edinburgh News https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/edinburgh-tourist-tax-scottish-parliament-passes-legislation-paving-way-for-capital-visitor-levy-4645763

TTG Media https://www.ttgmedia.com/news/scottish-councils-free-to-introduce-tourist-taxes-from-spring-2026-46612

Free Radio https://planetradio.co.uk/tay/local/news/first-true-visitor-levy-backed-by-msps/

The Herald https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/24351488.scottish-parliament-overwhelmingly-passes-tourist-tax-bill/

Scottish Daily Mail https://pressreader.com/article/281736979580922

The Courier https://pressreader.com/article/281767044352523

The Times https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/police-record-zero-breaches-short-term-let-licensing-law-gzs8h2f88

i https://inews.co.uk/news/edinburgh-fringe-accommodation-rent-tourists-letting-laws-3076659

i https://inews.co.uk/inews-lifestyle/holiday-let-knock-down-no-staycations-3072130

Edinburgh Live https://www.edinburghlive.co.uk/news/edinburgh-news/plans-130-new-edinburgh-homes-29246126

The Herald https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/24347698.plan-short-term-lets-famous-scottish-street/

Euronews https://www.euronews.com/business/2024/05/27/tax-rules-on-second-homes-in-the-uk-will-it-help-mitigate-the-housing-crisis

The National https://uk.news.yahoo.com/business-leaders-optimistic-snp-leadership-114547010.html

Edinburgh Evening News https://www.edinburghnews.scotsman.com/news/edinburgh-tourist-tax-scottish-councils-call-on-msps-to-allow-earlier-start-for-visitor-levy-4643471

The Times https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/cash-strapped-councils-tourist-tax-cruise-ships-gsrmgkxgz

Daily Record https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/scots-council-leaders-call-holyrood-32898913

The Times https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/thousands-of-short-term-let-licences-yet-to-be-approved-kwc7d7zk6

Insider https://www.insider.co.uk/news/more-14500-short-term-licences-32879048

Scottish Housing News https://www.scottishhousingnews.com/articles/short-term-lets-licence-applications-topped-23000-by-end-of-2023

The National https://www.thenational.scot/news/24340667.14-500-short-term-let-licences-validated-last-year/

Scotsman https://www.msn.com/en-gb/travel/news/edinburgh-council-wrong-not-to-relax-unreasonably-onerous-conditions-on-short-term-lets-during-festival-scotsman-comment/ar-BB1mppZV?ocid=UCPNC2

The Herald https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/24338137.can-feel-good-scottish-tourism-industry/

East Lothian Courier, Appeal to allow ‘peaceful’ short-term let to continue in Dunbar, 20/05/24

East Lothian Courier, North Berwick: Reporter dismisses appeal over short-term holiday let, 20/05/24

Edinburgh Live, Six guests in East Lothian two-bed holiday flat ‘too many’, owner is told, 20/05/24

Evening News, Emergency housing alert took a long time to announce – Susan Dalgety, 20/05/24

Evening News, Boom time for Scottish tourism brings major boost to economy – Angus Robertson, 21/05/24

BBC Scotland, The Sunday Show, 19/05/24

Scottish Mail on Sunday, Fore! Council drives SNP’s chaotic holiday lets policy straight into the rough, 19/05/24

National, Business chiefs ‘excited’ by new SNP leadership team, 19/05/24

Herald, Anger over Scotland’s new holiday lets law proposals, 18/05/24

Edinburgh Reporter, Backlog of short term let applications raising “serious questions”, 18/05/24

National, Greens sound alarm over holiday let rule changes planned by SNP, 17/05/24

Herald, Can I stop my neighbour letting their property on Airbnb?, 18/05/24. Same copy also appeared in The National and Evening Times.

National, Sustainable tourism is about more than bikes, buses and holiday homes, 19/05/24

BBC Scotland, Record number of overseas tourists visit Scotland in 2023, 17/05/24. Same story also appeared in STV NewsDaily BusinessThe Times and Insider.

Scottish Housing News, Technical updates introduced for short-term lets licensing scheme, 17/05/24

Edinburgh Reporter, Scottish Government introducing technical updates to STL licensing scheme, 16/05/24

Glasgow Times, Glasgow councillors reject short-term let proposal appeal, 16/05/24

National, I’m sick of second home and Airbnb owners pleading poverty, 16/05/24

Scotsman, Holiday lets Scotland: Government told to close licensing loophole as holidaymakers turned away last minute, 16/05/24

Midlothian View, Edinburgh Council has a backlog of over 1,600 short-term let applications, 15/05/24

Evening News, Edinburgh council: Backlog of more than 1,600 short-term let applications sparks “serious questions”, 14/05/24

STV News, Council grappling with backlog of 1,600 STL applications, 14/05/24

Scotsman, Edinburgh Council wrong not to relax ‘unreasonably onerous’ conditions on short-term lets during Festival – Scotsman comment, 15/05/24

Edinburgh Live, Edinburgh landlords are charging five-figure sums for properties during Festival Fringe, 14/05/24

Daily Record, Edinburgh Fringe Festival accommodation’ costs soar by as much as 1,500 percent, 14/05/24

STV News, Hotel prices in Edinburgh soar ahead of Taylor Swift Scottish shows, 14/05/24

BBC News, Scottish government to declare national housing emergency, 15/05/24

Edinburgh Live, Edinburgh Council facing backlog of over 1,600 short-term let applications, 14/05/24

Scotsman, Edinburgh Council wrong not to relax ‘unreasonably onerous’ conditions on short-term lets during Festival – Scotsman comment, 15/05/24

Edinburgh Live, Edinburgh landlords are charging five-figure sums for properties during Festival Fringe, 14/05/24

Daily Record, Edinburgh Fringe Festival accommodation’ costs soar by as much as 1,500 percent, 14/05/24

STV News, Hotel prices in Edinburgh soar ahead of Taylor Swift Scottish shows, 14/05/24

BBC News, Scottish government to declare national housing emergency, 15/05/24

National, Dargavel Airbnb flats spark fresh short-term lets concerns, 12/05/24

Edinburgh Live, Plans for three Edinburgh Grassmarket flats to become holiday lets set to be refused, 11/05/24

Herald, Stop the class war – Highlands need short-term lets, 11/05/24

Sun, FEES FURY ‘They had an air of total disrespect for Scotland’ cry NC500 locals over tight £70k motorhome tourists, 12/05/24


East Lothian Courier, Musselburgh: Airbnb sex so ‘vigorous’ neighbour’s clock fell off wall, 10/05/24

i, Clueless tourists are ruining the Scottish Highlands for the rest of us, 10/05/24

Edinburgh Reporter, New CEO appointed to VisitScotland, 09/05/24

Insider, Self-Catering group warns industry faces ‘precarious’ future and appeals to First Minister as business confidence plunges, 07/05/24

Scottish Business News, Appeal made to new First Minister as shock survey lays bare dire levels of business confidence in Scotland’s £1bn self-catering industry, 07/05/24

Herald, Rural depopulation and short-term lets study ‘surprising’, 08/05/24

National, People who ‘love’ islands are killing them with this housing crisis, 05/05/24

Herald, Calls for tourist tax if Glasgow hosts Commonwealth Games, 06/05/24

Evening News, Edinburgh council in bid to keep Royal Mile tourist information centre open after VisitScotland announces closure, 06/05/24

Times, Airbnb says short-term rental fees are harming Scottish tourism, 06/05/24

Scottish Sun, AIRBNB FURY Airbnb says SNP’s ‘shambolic’ short-term lets policy is scaring tourists away from Scotland, 05/05/24

Telegraph, Tourists avoid Scotland because of SNP crackdown on short-term lets, 05/05/24

Mail Online, SNP holiday lets chaos is scaring off tourists, says Airbnb, 05/05/24

Scottish Daily Express, Airbnb tears into the SNP for its flawed short-lets policy which is damaging tourism in Scotland, 05/05/24

Glasgow Times, Glasgow short-term let owners lose appeals over ‘unlawful’ flats, 03/05/24

STV, Millport: Island relying on ageing ‘lifeline’ ferry faces uncertain summer, 03/05/24

Daily Record, Stark warning as Scottish holiday spot risks ‘tourist problem as bad as Majorca’, 02/05/24

Yahoo, Skyscanner: Scotland has Canadians flocking to Edinburgh in May, a travel hot spot, 02/05/24

Insider, Edinburgh Christmas festival contract awarded despite legal threat from rival bid, 01/05/24

Edinburgh Live, Banned Airbnb landlord on Edinburgh’s ‘most Instagrammable street’ refuses to give up, 01/05/24

April 2024

Greenock Telegraph, Bid to turn Greenock property into retail unit and flats, 30/04/24

Daily Telegraph, Hot tubs and axe-throwing: How British holiday lets are raising their game to survive, 30/04/24

National, Top 10 locations in Scotland for staycations revealed – see the full list, 30/04/24

STV News, Ship used to house Ukrainian refugees to return as ‘luxury Fringe hotel’, 29/04/24

Evening News, Edinburgh’s holiday let ‘super-landlords’ unmasked after investigation, 29/04/24

Times, Cruise liner to become floating hotel during Edinburgh Fringe, 29/04/24

Scottish Mail on Sunday, Cruise liner used to house REFUGEES sails in to ease Festival’s flat letting shambles, 28/04/24 [print edition below]

Edinburgh Live, Edinburgh ship used to house Ukrainian refugees to return as ‘luxury Fringe hotel, 28/04/24

Scotsman, Cruise ship used to host refugees fleeing war in Ukraine returns as ‘luxury’ floating hotel for Edinburgh Fringe visitors, 28/04/24

Edinburgh Live, The ‘superlandlords’ in Edinburgh who are behind the city’s boom in holiday lets, 28/04/24

Edinburgh Reporter, Edinburgh “super landlords” revealed by investigation, 28/04/24

East Lothian Courier, Dunbar: Holiday let cannot continue without planning permission, 28/04/24

Dunfermline Press, Flats above Dunfermline’s Old Inn to become short term lets, 25/04/24

Herald, Scotland’s reputation as ‘must-visit’ destination growing, 25/04/24

Scottish Sun, HISTORY UNCOVERED Forgotten Scottish WW2 POW camp transformed into unique AirBnB & thriving community hub, 24/04/24

Daily Telegraph, MSP expenses cap raised to cover second home council tax rise, 23/04/24

Holyrood, Associate Feature: The visitor economy: looking to the future, 24/04/24

Daily Record, Nearly 10,000 council houses in Scotland lie empty despite child homelessness soaring, 24/04/24

Scottish Daily Express, MSPs protect themselves from their own council tax rules: ‘one rule for them and another for everyone else’, 23/04/24

Scottish Sun, ‘SPECIAL TREATMENT’ Scots taxpayers forced to foot the bill for doubled council tax on MSPs’ second homes, 22/04/24

Lochaber Times, Short-term let licences bring in £3m for the council, 23/04/24

Short Term Rentalz, Short-term let regulations impacting supply for Edinburgh Festivals, 21/04/24

Scottish Business News, Formal commitment to Climate Action declared on Earth Day, 22/04/24

East Lothian Courier, Musselburgh: Holiday let owner plea to be allowed to ‘honour’ bookings, 20/04/24

Midlothian View, East Lothian short term lets licence cost to treble, 19/04/24

Daily Mail, Welcome to the Iron Age B&B! Holiday home modelled on ancient roundhouse (but with all mod cons included) wins getaway competition, 18/04/24

Herald, Edinburgh short-term lets law exemption allowed for Fringe, 19/04/24

Evening News, Edinburgh short-term lets: Drop in Airbnb listings ‘shows our policy is working’ says council, 19/04/24

Edinburgh Live, Edinburgh Council chiefs reject proposal for blanket approval of short-term lets, 18/04/24

Edinburgh Live, Edinburgh Airbnb data shows short-term lets crackdown ‘is working’ says council, 18/04/24

Edinburgh Reporter, Council will not offer blanket approvals for historic short term lets, 18/04/24

Edinburgh Reporter, New regulatory scheme for short term lets “is working”, 18/04/24

Edinburgh Live, East Lothian Airbnb’s ‘modest’ use claim rejected by Scottish Ministers, 15/04/24

East Lothian Courier, Dirleton: Flat owner loses Airbnb appeal as modest use claim rejected, 15/04/24

Press & Journal, Plans for short-term lets at £941k Donside dream home near Alford, 15/04/24

Herald, Short-term Edinburgh apartments recommended for approval, 15/04/24

National, Why are rents so expensive during the Festival, 14/04/24

Evening News, Hospitality boss warns Edinburgh could become ‘laughing stock’ due to short-term let scheme, 12/04/24

National, Fringe housing crisis ‘a predictable mess’, 12/04/24

Scotsman, Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Short-term lets critics warn Edinburgh will be ‘laughing stock’ due to lack of Fringe accommodation, 12/04/24

Scottish Financial News, Call for urgent change as short-term lets regulations hit Edinburgh Festivals, 12/04/24

Insider, Short-term let scheme ‘could make Edinburgh a laughing stock’, 12/04/24

Scottish Business News, Accommodation fiasco hits Edinburgh as leading trade body calls for urgent regulations change, 11/04/24

IrelandLive, Short-term let scheme could make Edinburgh a laughing stock – hospitality boss, 11/04/24

BBC, Short-term let control zone proposed for Plockton, 10/04/24

Scottish Daily Express, SNP policy blamed for soaring Edinburgh Fringe accommodation costs after Jason Manford speaks out, 10/04/24

BBC, Performers priced out of Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 10/04/24

Edinburgh Reporter, Short term let on Circus Lane must be removed from AirBnB, 10/04/24

Scottish Sun, UNFAIR-BNB We live on Edinburgh’s ‘most picturesque’ street but visitors are ruining it, it’s a nightmare, 09/04/24

Scotsman, MP launches campaign to retain Deeside’s last tourist centre, 10/04/24

STV News, Performers slam rising costs after being ‘priced out’ of fringe festival, 09/04/24

Herald, Taylor Swift boom as Edinburgh hotel prices skyrocket, 09/04/24

Scottish Sun, ‘INCREDIBLY GUTTED’ Ex-BBC presenter says she ‘can’t afford’ to perform at Edinburgh Festival as she’s ‘priced out’ the market, 08/04/24

Edinburgh Live, Edinburgh locals say party goers turning ‘Instagrammable street’ into ‘nightmare’, 08/04/24

Daily Record, Edinburgh’s ‘most Instagrammable street’ turning into party hotspot ‘nightmare’, 08/04/24

STV News, Owner ordered to take property off Airbnb after ignoring planning ruling, 08/04/24

Scotsman, Aberdeenshire gearing up for another influx of tourists, 09/04/24

Scottish Sun, VILE VISITORS NC500 tourists ‘keep pooing outside and dishing out abuse to locals’, 08/04/24

Holyrood, Tourism is changing Edinburgh for those who live here, 08/04/24

Holyrood, Patrick Harvie: Short-term lets ‘harmful to society’, 08/04/24

Observer, Britain’s staycation boom may be over as bookings dry up, 07/04/24

John O’ Groat Journal, Caithness councillor’s fears over closure of Highland tourism centres, 06/04/24

Telegraph, https://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/property/second-homes/scotland-holiday-let-crackdown-ruining-local-tourism/, 05/04/24

Scotsman, Hay’s Way: A reminder of the plight of Scotland’s rural B&Bs, 04/04/24

Strathspey & Badenoch Herald, Strath businesses to fly the flag at national tourism trade event, 04/04/24

West Coast Today, ‘Dreadful decision’ – communities voice concern as VisitScotland opts for digital strategy, 04/04/24

Short-term Rentalz, https://shorttermrentalz.com/news/petition-survey-fhl-tax-regime/

inews, https://inews.co.uk/inews-lifestyle/money/property-and-mortgages/first-time-buyers-remortgage-shock-2985398

Glasgow Times, https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/news/24220682.13-scotlands-best-child-free-staycation-spots/

March 2024

The Times, https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/one-year-in-yousaf-still-hasnt-shared-his-big-vision-hf30c3jhl

The Herald, https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/24216182.abbey-travel-boss-new-chair-scottish-tourism-alliance/

Scotsman, https://www.scotsman.com/business/scottish-firms-warn-persistently-high-cost-of-doing-business-including-new-taxes-risks-long-term-harm-to-economy-4571147

BBC, https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-68675056

Holyrood, https://www.holyrood.com/news/view,visitscotland-to-close-all-tourist-information-centres

Shetland Times, https://www.shetlandtimes.co.uk/2024/03/27/tourist-information-centre-to-close-as-part-of-nationwide-shutdown

STV, https://news.stv.tv/scotland/all-visitscotland-tourist-information-centres-to-close-as-visitors-use-tiktok-and-youtube-instead

Daily Record, https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/visitscotland-tourist-information-centres-close-32452127

Scottish Financial News, https://www.scottishfinancialnews.com/articles/army-veteran-secures-six-figure-funding-deal-to-transform-unique-hotel-in-the-scottish-highlands

Boutique Hotelier, https://www.boutiquehotelier.com/forces-manor-hotel-scottish-highlands/

The Herald, https://www.heraldscotland.com/news/24209959.edinburgh-houses-hotel-maybury-quarter-saica-site/

East Lothian Courier, Claim short-term lets ‘kill community’, 25/03/24

Press & Journal, Aberdeen AirBnB flat shut down over claims of ‘underage booze parties’, 24/03/24

Edinburgh Live, Plans for new Edinburgh seven bedroom Airbnb to replace empty office space in quiet area, 24/03/24

Greenock Telegraph, Accountant’s shoot threat in dispute with Airbnb neighbours, 24/03/24

Scotsman, Skye needs more help to cope with its tourism boom – Scotsman comment, 25/03/24

Scotsman, Skye: Up to one million people destined for island amid calls for ‘radical thinking’ on tourism, 25/03/24

Edinburgh Reporter, Councillor cleared of bias over stance on short term lets, 21/03/24

Edinburgh Live, Edinburgh councillor cleared of ‘bias’ over short-term lets posts on social media, 21/03/24

Edinburgh Live, East Lothian holiday flat owner refused permission to operate despite support, 21/03/24

Glasgow Live, Glasgow holiday let ‘party’ flat set to be shut down over noise complaints, 21/03/24

Border Telegraph, South of Scotland aims to become ‘fastest growing visitor economy’, 22/03/24

Herald, Fife Council becomes fourth in Scotland to declare housing emergency, 21/03/24

Press & Journal, Fraser House Airbnbs closed down as Aberdeen neighbours claim they are being ‘used by sex workers’, 20/03/24

Herald, New rules must not jeopardise star of Scottish tourism, 21/03/24

Times, South of Scotland aiming to grow tourism spending by £1 billion, 20/03/24

Daily Record, VisitScotland partners for carbon reduction initiative, 20/03/24

Press & Journal, Highland Council will write to Scottish Government for motorhome tourist tax rethink, 18/03/24

Strathspey Herald, Strathspey MSP demands compensation for Scottish Government’s ‘monumental blunder’, 18/03/24

East Lothian Courier, East Lothian holiday let owner granted licence to operate despite planning refusal, 15/03/24

Scottish Sun, EASTAIR-BNB Airbnb names gorgeous Scots village with stunning views as top Easter escape, 17/03/24

Edinburgh Live, Historic 18th century Edinburgh dovecot could be transformed into quirky Airbnb, 16/03/24

Evening News, ​Visitor levy will help residents and tourists – Cammy Day, 18/03/24

Greenock Telegraph, MSP Stuart McMillan wins change to levy bill to help marinas, 18/03/24

Times, Visitors flood back to big tourist attractions, 18/03/24

Herald, Letters: Tourist tax could have a Fringe benefit for Edinburgh, 14/03/24

Press release from British Marine: https://www.boatshed.com/british-marine-lobbying-success-blog-141140.html

Scottish Business News, Today marks the start of flagship conference of Scottish Tourism Month, 12/03/24

Herald, Letters, 12/03/24

Edinburgh Enquirer, D-Day for city’s tourist tax plans, 11/03/24

Edinburgh Reporter, Proposals for introducing a visitor levy making progress, 14/03/24

Evening News, Taxing disappointment in Rome – John McLellan, 14/03/24

Scottish Financial News, Visitor levy for Edinburgh closer to reality as bill advances, 13/03/24

Herald, Outgoing VisitScotland chief pays tribute to tourism sector, 14/03/24

John O’ Groat Journal, Tourism gathering will explore ‘immense’ potential of north Highlands, 13/03/24

Courier, Gleneagles residents dismayed at Airbnb approval – despite objector renting to Michael Jordan for a week, 12/03/24

STV News, Airbnb bans indoor security cameras in push to improve privacy, 13/03/24

Scotsman, Edinburgh tourist tax: Using revenue for affordable housing and regeneration would be ok, minister tells MSPs, 13/03/24

Scotsman, Tourist tax Scotland: SNP using tax detail to finally re-set strained relationship with councils, 13/03/24

STV News, Promote tourism as a ‘force for good’, industry body says, 13/03/24

Insider, Scottish Tourism Alliance launches election policy agenda, 13/03/24

Scotsman, Industry charts progress towards delivering adventure tourism ambition, 13/03/24

Edinburgh Live, https://www.edinburghlive.co.uk/news/edinburgh-news/east-lothian-holiday-owner-gets-28796369

Daily Record, Airbnb to ban security cameras inside rental properties amid privacy concerns, 12/03/24

Scotsman, Tourist tax Scotland: Plans to capture cruise ships in Scottish Government tax plans submitted, 12/03/24

Scottish Green press release: https://greens.scot/news/visitor-levy-will-be-breakthrough-for-local-authorities

Scotsman, MSP flies flag for Scottish tourism at Coldstream park, 12/03/24

Scottish Sun, KICK UP A STINK NC500 set for ‘dirty bombshell’ as warning issued over major change to popular tourist route, 12/03/24

Strathspey & Badenoch Herald, Short term lets control area for strath has become a ‘deplorable mess’, says sector chief, 08/03/24

Irvine Times, Break the Silence wins Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce award, 08/03/24

Ayrshire Today, Break the Silence wins Ayrshire Chamber of Commerce award, 08/03/24

Evening News, No criminal reports in Edinburgh after five months of short-term let crackdown, 10/03/24

Edinburgh Live, Dozens of Edinburgh holiday flats above city centre bank to be given green light, 10/03/24

Courier, Residents of exclusive Gleneagles cul de sac trying to shut down two Airbnbs, 09/03/24

Herald, Scotland’s tourist accommodation ‘unable to meet demand’, 09/03/24

Herald, Scottish tourism experts caution over tourist tax law, 10/03/24

Scotsman, What does the Spring Budget mean for Scotland? What are the key Budget changes? Who are the winners and losers?, 06/03/24 [ASSC quoted]

Short-Term Rentalz, UK Chancellor scraps tax relief for holiday lets in Spring Budget, 06/03/24 [ASSC quoted]

Ayr Advertiser, Short-term lets urged to know the rules ahead of Troon Open, 06/03/24

Herald, Business leaders’ anger as key tourist tax questions remain, 07/03/24 [ASSC quoted]

Herald, ‘Spectacular own goal’ as tourism laments Hunt Budget, 07/03/24

STV News, Holiday lets hit by ‘red tape’ licensing laws as ‘thousands’ leave sector, 06/03/24

Herald, Scottish tourism toasts whisky’s growing contribution, 06/03/24

Strathspey & Badenoch Herald, Controversial control area for short term lets in Badenoch and Strathspey to come into force today, 04/03/24

Herald, Plockton second homes leaves village facing housing crisis, 02/04/24

Insider, Scottish attractions see visitor numbers rise 17%, 01/04/24

STV News, Boost for tourism as Scottish attractions pull in more than 48m visitors, 01/04/24


February 2024

Herald, Edinburgh ‘bin tax’ plans: Scotland’s AirBnB lobby hit out, 28/02/24

Landlord Today, New attack on Airbnb landlords – possible charge for bin collections, 28/02/24

Daily Telegraph, Airbnb owners face bin collection charges in crackdown on holiday lets, 27/02/24

Scottish Farmer, Sustainable rural tourism plans for south of Scotland, 28/02/24

Herald, Edinburgh Leith Shore whisky warehouse aparthotel plan, 26/02/24

Edinburgh Reporter, Flat owner takes short term let appeal to Scottish Ministers, 26/02/24

Edinburgh Live, East Lothian Airbnb owner argues holiday flat can be rented out short term, 26/02/24

Strathspey & Badenoch Herald, YOUR VIEWS: Is imminent short term lets control area for Badenoch and Strathspey lawful?, 26/02/24

Times, Holiday let owners face bin collection charges in Edinburgh, 27/02/24

Evening News, Edinburgh Airbnb properties: Landlords may have to may for bin collections, 26/02/24

Daily Record, Edinburgh council considers charging Airbnb owners for bin collections, 26/02/24

Independent, Edinburgh set to charge Airbnb owners extra in bid to tackle rubbish, 26/02/24

National, Scottish council considers charging Airbnb properties for bin collections, 26/02/24

Insider, Edinburgh council considers charging Airbnb properties for bin collections, 26/02/24

Herald, Herald poll: Should Airbnb hosts pay business rates for rubbish collection?, 26/02/24

Herald, AirBnB hosts in Edinburgh could be fined over bin collection costs, 26/02/24

Herald, Scottish holiday homes law ‘botched’ compared to England’s, 24/02/24 [ASSC quoted]

Press & Journal, Horrified Aberdeen families claim sex workers parade their clients through city centre flat block, 24/02/24

Evening News, Sub-committee is common sense free zone – John McLellan, 22/02/24

Courier, Arbroath harbour holiday lets since 1950s win planning permission under new Airbnb rules, 22/02/24

Scottish Business News, Scottish Passenger Agents’ Association President outlines vision … and frustrations, 23/02/24

Scotsman, Proposed cuts to housing budget ‘worst possible decision at worst possible time’, 26/02/24

Daily Record, Humza Yousaf urged to ditch £190m cuts to housing budget amid Scotland’s homelessness emergency, 26/02/24

Evening News, Edinburgh housing: Council’s 500 affordable homes a year falls ‘staggeringly’ short of target, 23/02/24

Northern Scot, NICKY MARR: Selling up – for the right reasons, 21/02/24

Peeblesshire News, St Boswells holiday homes for ‘eco-conscious’ tourists, 21/02/24

STV News, Short-term let operators ‘could bankrupt council’ with compensation claims, 17/02/24

STV News, Why should we care about Scotland’s housing emergency?, 19/02/24

Herald, CalMac cuts sailings to Isle of Islay during tourism peak, 18/02/24

Courier, Auchterarder holiday let approved despite neighbouring lord’s objections, 21/02/24

National, Scottish Tories ‘undermined’ as UK announces short-term let scheme in England, 20/02/24

Glasgow Live, Glasgow tourist tax, congestion charge and workplace parking levy backed in budget, 15/02/24

Scottish Daily Express, New SNP ferry hell for Scots islanders as Islay to have less sailings during peak tourist season, 15/02/24

Courier, Holiday let is good for business, 16/02/24

Courier, Auchterarder holiday let approved despite neighbouring lord’s objections, 21/02/24

National, Scottish Tories ‘undermined’ as UK announces short-term let scheme in England, 20/02/24

STV News, Short-term let operators ‘could bankrupt council’ with compensation claims, 17/02/24

STV News, Why should we care about Scotland’s housing emergency?, 19/02/24

Herald, CalMac cuts sailings to Isle of Islay during tourism peak, 18/02/24

Glasgow Live, Glasgow tourist tax, congestion charge and workplace parking levy backed in budget, 15/02/24

Scottish Daily Express, New SNP ferry hell for Scots islanders as Islay to have less sailings during peak tourist season, 15/02/24

Courier, Holiday let is good for business, 16/02/24

East Lothian Courier, Family’s plea to continue letting Gullane home during Scottish Open, 13/02/24

The Courier, Owner and neighbours in limbo as Perth hot tub holiday flat decision delayed, 13/02/24

Scottish Housing News, Badenoch & Strathspey Short-term Let Control Area public information sessions, 12/02/24

Insider, Scottish hotel occupancy rates reach pre-pandemic levels, 13/02/24

Daily Record, Dumfries and Galloway Council team to crack down on short term let owners operating without a licence, 12/02/24

Courier, Council shuts down Perth hot tub holiday flat – but is still using it to attract visitors to city, 11/02/24

Courier, Luxury Airbnb hotel in Blairgowrie plans to expand so it can cater for more guests, 11/02/24

East Lothian Courier, North Berwick: Short-term lets more than half of planning applications, 09/02/24

Strathspey & Badenoch Herald, Short term lets control area for strath could be rolled out in Highlands if successful, 09/02/24

Press release from THC on public information sessions for the STL Control Area: https://www.highland.gov.uk/news/article/15879/public_information_sessions_on_changes_badenoch_and_strathspey_short-term_let_control_area_will_bring

Daily Record, Most romantic Airbnb in Scotland to ‘pop the question’ this Valentine’s Day crowned, 08/02/24

Scottish Housing News, Housing minister to headline Empty Homes Conference, 08/02/24

Scottish Housing News, Eight out of ten Scots say country has a housing crisis, SFHA poll finds, 08/02/24

Press release from the Scottish Greens on empty homes: https://greens.scot/news/bringing-empty-homes-back-into-use-is-a-win-win-win

Strathspey & Badenoch Herald, New start date announced for short term lets area control area for Badenoch and Strathspey, 08/02/24

Herald, Scottish tourism body appoints Skye hotelier to key role, 08/02/24 [copied below]

Times, Scottish Business Digest: new chairwoman for Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers, 08/02/24

Insider, Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers appoints new chair, 07/02/24

Short-Term Rentalz, ASSC appoints Winskill as new chair, 07/02/24

STA, https://scottishtourismalliance.co.uk/industry-update-association-of-scotlands-self-caterers-appoints-clare-winskill-as-new-chair/

Scottish Housing News, MSP calls for holiday letting ban on inherited croft houses, 08/02/24

Insider, https://www.insider.co.uk/appointments/association-scotlands-self-caterers-appoints-32067135, 07/02/24

The Stage, Edinburgh Fringe bosses unveil ‘festival village’ to ease accommodation woes, 06/02/24

January 2024

STV News, Flats rejected as short term lets shared stairwell with residents, 30/01/24

Edinburgh Live, Council reject two bids to turn East Lothian flats into short term lets, 30/01/24

East Lothian Courier, Musselburgh flats rejected as short-term lets due to shared stairwells, 30/01/24

Scottish Sun, TAXING ISSUE ‘It will be botched and Scots will pay price’ – expert warns controversial new tax will leave tourists out of pocket, 29/01/24

Herald, The New Highland Clearances: The full list of articles, 29/01/24

Insider, Political portfolio: Richard Lochhead, 29/01/24

Scotsman, Park Authority planning committee approve tourism projects, 29/01/24

Glasgow Times, Martha Wardrop: We need to invest in our visitor attractions, 27/01/24

Evening News, Scottish Government’s affordable housing target ‘at risk’, briefing note shows, 28/01/24

Border Telegraph, ‘Tiny’ holiday home near Hawick rejected despite support, 25/01/24

Press & Journal, Airbnb fears raised over Jimmy Savile house plan in Glen Coe, 25/01/24

National, Tourist tax Scotland: Why changes to the policy will benefit the rich, 26/01/24

Scotsman, Hogmanay cheer: Edinburgh hotels lead UK for revenue performance on New Year’s Eve, 26/01/24

Insider, Planning secured for 267-bed Edinburgh student development, 25/01/24

Edinburgh Live, Edinburgh field set for shepherd huts with fire pit to be used as holiday lets, 25/01/24

Insider, More tourists visiting Scotland now than before pandemic, 25/01/24

STV News, More tourists visiting Scotland now than before pandemic spending over £1.6bn, 25/01/24

Herald, Overseas tourists are flocking to Scotland – and spending big, 25/01/24

Dumbarton Reporter, Ross Greer urges levy for West Dunbartonshire tourism, 24/01/24

Central Fife Times, Fife MSP urges council to use visitor levy to fund services, 23/01/24

Daily Express, Expert explains how a tourist tax works in Europe as Scotland prepares to introduce charge, 23/01/24

Courier, Harbourside Arbroath holiday let has to apply for planning permission after 75 years in operation, 23/01/24

Evening News, Edinburgh tourist tax: Scottish Government looking at new option on how to charge levy, 21/01/24

National, Experts on ‘common’ tourist tax as Scotland plans progress, 21/01/24

Herald, SNP considering visitor levy charge with council tax-style bandings, 21/01/24

Edinburgh Reporter, Taxi driver wins planning appeal, 21/01/24

Evening News, Equal split of tourist tax between culture and heritage only answer – Susan Dalgety, 22/01/24

Northern Times, Highland Council urged to use tourist tax to improve services, 21/01/24

Sunday Times Scotland, Why the tourist tax exemption floats my boat, 21/01/24

Greenock Telegraph, Plan to use Greenock flat for short terms lets is signed off, 18/01/24

Holyrood, Associate Feature: Tourism: an economic and social powerhouse for Scotland, 19/01/24

Insider, Scottish hotels perform better than expected in November, 18/01/24

Herald, Edinburgh Waverley student housing plan backed by officials, 19/01/24

East Lothian Courier, North Berwick: Holiday flat owner hits back at claims over guests, 17/01/24

Edinburgh Live, Fed-up East Lothian seaside holiday flat owner claims ‘neighbour’ not a resident, 17/01/24

Scotsman, Scottish Government should ditch its tourist tax plan and put a new levy on under-used second homes instead – Ben Edgar-Spier, 17/01/24

Shetland News, Lib Dems push for cruise ship visitors to be included in tourism tax bill, 17/01/24

Scottish Legal News, Visitor levy legislation passes first stage, 17/01/24

COSLA press release: https://www.cosla.gov.uk/news/2024/visitor-levy-legislation-passes-first-stage

British Marine press release: https://britishmarine.co.uk/News/2024/January/Scottish-Government-removes-boat-moorings-and-berthings-from-Visitor-Levy

Scottish Government press release: https://www.gov.scot/news/visitor-levy-legislation-passes-first-stage/

Scottish Greens: https://greens.scot/news/visitor-levy-will-empower-councils-and-support-local-services

Scotsman, Whisky tourism: From multi-million pound homes and visitor centre refurbishments to fine dining, 17/01/24

Scotsman, Scotland’s tourism sector must embrace remote workers – Jemma Reid, 17/01/24

Courier, Pitlochry holiday flats licence to be reviewed following theatre crew plea, 16/01/24

Edinburgh Live, Edinburgh cabbie told he CAN use garage as holiday let despite council refusal, 16/01/24

Ardrossan Herald, Developers bid to build 39 new holiday lets in Brodick, 16/01/24

Herald, The Traitors: Scotland’s best Airbnb castles revealed, 16/01/24

STV News, Airbnb cottage owner’s horror after puppy seller trashes home, 16/01/24

Courier, Dundee City Quay holiday let refused over ‘unacceptable’ impact on residents, 16/01/24

Press & Journal, ‘This needs to change urgently’. Calls for cash for Skye as visitor numbers rocket, 16/01/24

Herald, MSPs to have first vote on delayed tourist tax plans for councils, 16/01/24

National, MSPs to vote on whether to bring tourism tax to Scotland, 16/01/24

GB News, Scotland could introduce a tourist tax as visitors put ‘huge strain’ on local services, 16/01/24

STV News, MSPs to vote on Bill which could bring in visitor levies in Scotland, 16/01/24

Dram, Accommodation businesses need to be prioritised in Visitor Levy debate, 16/01/24

STV News, Nearly £400,000 spent defending unlawful short term let policies, 13/01/24

Edinburgh Reporter, Costs of short term let legal actions revealed, 12/01/24

East Lothian Courier, Planners turn down Dunbar High Street holiday let applications, 14/01/24

Strathspey & Badenoch Herald, YOUR VIEWS: Greens MSP is so out of touch with real world, 14/01/24

Edinburgh Live, Raging Edinburgh locals say ‘we’ll keep sauna instead of getting short term let’, 14/01/24

Scottish Sun, PARTY PAD ROW Edinburgh residents ‘would rather live next to sex-for-sale sauna’ than partying tourists in short-term let flats, 13/01/24

National, Aberdeen: Short term let approved amid opposition, 13/01/24

Press & Journal, Hazlehead neighbours fear Airbnbs will ‘tarnish’ area with ‘rowdy’ partying, 13/01/24

BBC News, Airbnb cottage near Inverness trashed by puppy seller, 13/01/24

Edinburgh Live, Scottish Airbnb owners horrified after puppy breeders take over holiday home, 12/01/24

Gillian Bowditch, Sunday Times Scotland, 14/01/24: “…the government has introduced punitive policies around licensing holiday lets, which is damaging livelihoods from the Highlands to the Borders.”

Scottish Housing News, Scotland’s empty homes estimated to be worth £3.4bn, 15/01/24

STV News, Value of empty homes estimated at £3.4bn as surcharge increase urged, 14/01/24

Dunfermline Press, Council tax bills double for owners of second homes in Fife, 13/01/24

Edinburgh Live, Scottish Airbnb owners horrified after puppy breeders take over holiday home, 12/01/24

Daily Record, Scots Airbnb owner disgusted after puppy breeders take over holiday home, 12/01/24

Courier, ‘Superb’ Kirriemuir AirBnb gets go ahead from Angus councillors for next three years, 11/01/24

East Lothian Courier, Musselburgh: Airbnb flat owner claims business has increased security, 11/01/24

Press release from ECC on their visitor levy survey: https://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/news/article/13895/final-call-to-take-part-in-edinburgh-s-visitor-levy-survey

East Lothian Courier, Musselburgh: ‘Echo chamber’ objectors to short-term let bid criticised, 10/01/24

Edinburgh Live, East Lothian holiday flat owner dismisses guest complaints as ‘unsubstantiated gossip’, 10/01/24

Scotsman, Scottish Government accused of letting Fringe ‘fall through the cracks’ and diminishing Edinburgh’s ‘festival city’ status, 11/01/24

Herald, Scottish second-home owners face unfair council tax hikes, 11/01/24

BBC Wales, Air BnB: Holiday homes face new safety licensing rules, 10/01/24

Courier, Cash-strapped council eyes Dundee tourist tax as £12m budget shortfall revealed, 09/01/24 [copied below]

Evening News, Edinburgh council spends more than £300,000 a year hiring offices while council headquarters are mostly empty, 09/01/24

Edinburgh Live, Edinburgh Council chief executive to retire after ‘challenging and exciting time’, 10/01/24

Daily Telegraph, In an age of overtourism, Scotland’s billionaires might have found a solution, 09/01/24

ITVX, Campaign aims to unlock Burns tourism in Dumfries in celebration of famous Scottish bard, 08/01/24

Herald, Scottish tourism chief Roughead stepping down to retire, 08/01/24

Scottish Housing News, David Bookbinder: Is the Scottish Government waving the white flag?, 09/01/24

Herald, SNP urged to reverse ‘brutal’ cut to affordable housing budget, 09/01/24

East Lothian Courier, Proposed short-term holiday let on Dunbar High Street rejected, 07/01/24

Courier, Inside 7 of the best-rated Airbnbs in Perth and Kinross, 07/01/24

Courier, Inside 7 of the best-rated Airbnbs in Dundee, 07/01/24

Courier, Inside 7 of the best-rated Airbnbs in Fife, 07/01/24

AberdeenLive, Scottish agritourism sector to benefit from boost in overseas visitors, 07/01/24

DGWGO, Galloway & Southern Ayrshire UNESCO Biosphere Named on Rough Guides ‘Best Destinations’ for 2024, 07/01/24

Herald, Scottish Government affordable housing target an ‘impossible dream’, 07/01/24

Scotsman, Residential property sales on track to hit one million in 2024, 03/01/24

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