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First Minister’s Statement on a Second Independence Referendum

The First Minister issued a statement today, regarding a second independence referendum

  • The First Minister Nicola Sturgeon provided a statement to the Scottish Parliament setting out the Scottish Government’s pathway towards delivering a second independence referendum. This is the second parliamentary intervention in recent weeks aimed at reviving interest in the matter, following the publication of Wealthier, happier, fairer: why not Scotland?, the first in a series of policy papers focusing on independence.
  • While that document outlined some of the supposed benefits of separation, the First Minister’s statement today focused on providing a legal route to a second independence referendum, a matter complicated by the fact that the Scottish Parliament does not hold the power to do so in the absence of a Section 30 Order being transferred from Westminster.
  • Given the unlikelihood of this being granted, the First Minister set out the actions the Scottish Government and Lord Advocate would take in its absence, namely: (1) the publication of an independence referendum bill; and (2) that the Lord Advocate agreed to make a reference of the provisions of this bill to the UK Supreme Court.
  • The First Minister revealed that she had written to the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson stating that she was ready to negotiate a Section 30 Order, which would allow for a second independence referendum to take place, as well as informing him of the Scottish Government’s actions as per her statement.
  • Read the full briefing: Briefing – FM statement on second independence referendum

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