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Mental Health Awareness Week: Check-In with Friends in the Self-Catering Community

During Mental Health Awareness Week, let’s prioritise kindness, support, and listening to each other.

In these challenging times, resilience, kindness, and community are vital in our sector. We play a significant role in Scotland’s tourism industry and take immense pride in providing accommodation across rural and urban communities that is flexible, safe, and comfortable. We welcome visitors from across the globe. What we offer extends well beyond holidays, as we offer spaces to work, recover, learn a new skill and create cherished memories.

We make people happy.

It’s important to recognise that what we do is not only valuable for individuals and communities, but also crucial for Scotland’s economy and mental wellbeing, especially in small communities. By supporting each other and fostering a sense of togetherness, we contribute to the overall well-being of our communities and the success of our nation.

Let’s continue to be resilient, kind, and united, spreading positivity, understanding, and resilience.

Reach out to friends in the sector and connect with your community, not just this week but on a regular basis.

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