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New Report Highlights Scotland’s Potential as a Destination for Remote Workers and Digital Nomads – It is time to embrace this revolution to invigorate tourism in Scotland

A new report, “Scotland: The Remote Work Opportunity,” has been released today, highlighting the potential for Scotland to capitalise on the growing trend of remote work and digital nomadism. The report, an industry-led publication, provides a comprehensive resource for the tourism sector and calls on the industry to promote Scotland, at home and abroad, as a go-to destination for working holidays.

Following research conducted over the summer with 56 Degree Insight, 55% of Scots want a ‘Home Workation meaning there is a significant untapped potential for home and international markets.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift towards remote work, with millions worldwide now enjoying the flexibility of working from anywhere. This trend presents a remarkable opportunity for Scotland to attract a new wave of visitors, including digital nomads, workationers, and remote workers, who can significantly contribute to the nation’s economy and cultural vibrancy given almost half of all global destinations now offer digital nomad visas.

Scotland boasts a wealth of advantages that make it an ideal destination for remote workers and digital nomads. Its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and incredible food and drink create an unparalleled work-life environment. With its stunning scenery, rich culture, and welcoming people, Scotland is well-positioned to become a thriving remote work destination. It provides a roadmap for the tourism sector and the Government to seize this opportunity and create a more vibrant and economically prosperous Scotland.

Exploring the global impact of the remote work phenomenon, the report highlights successful case studies and examines the factors that make a destination attractive to remote workers. It also delves into the UK’s evolving workforce and the unique advantages Scotland offers as a remote work destination. The report underscores the importance of collaboration among destinations, communities, and stakeholders to create a welcoming and supportive environment for remote workers. It outlines the benefits of welcoming this new audience, including generating international ambassadors for Scotland’s food and drink, promoting responsible tourism, and combating seasonality in the industry.

Jemma Reid and Yvonne Wagoun, authors of the report, urge tourism stakeholders across Scotland to seize the remote work opportunity by collaborating with them to establish Scotland as a remote work destination. With their expertise in remote work and tourism, they will provide consultancy, training, and support to raise awareness, develop new programmes, and foster international connections.

Jemma Reid, Food Tourism Ambassador for Scotland, on the significance of the report says: “Scotland stands at the forefront of an excellent opportunity to become a destination for remote workers, especially those with a passion for food tourism. However, the potential extends far beyond this sector, permeating every industry. By leveraging our strengths in remote work and food tourism, we can entice visitors who will embark on year-round visits, prolonging their stays, amplifying their spending, and actively championing Scotland’s culinary gems to the world. Scotland has the potential to elevate its global reputation, and we firmly believe that we are the ideal destination to immerse individuals in our vibrant culture and welcoming communities. It is time to shed the ‘Aye been’ mentality and seize this opportunity. By being more proactive in our marketing, both at home to encourage working staycations and internationally to make Scotland an attractive place to come and work, we can boost regional economies and make a real difference to the Scottish tourism industry.”
Read the full publication – Here

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