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PKC Planning Control Zone Consultation – ASSC Encourages Businesses in Perth and Kinross to Respond to Consultation ASAP

PKC Short-Term Let Planning Control Zone

The ASSC encourages self-catering operators in Perth and Kinross (particularly in Highland and Eastern Perthshire) to respond to this consultation ASAP and before the 18th August.

We encourage you to consider making the following points in your response:

  • The 10% barrier, there is no information relating to why 10% was chosen as the impact threshold for defining the potential extent of a Control Area. An explanation as to how this was arrived at is vital.
  • The ‘proxy data’ PKC has issued in support of this proposal is inaccurate and misleading and needs to be corrected and re-issued. For example, the number of short term lets in PH8 is not 15% as has been publicised or 11% as in the appendix of the council’s consultation papers – the figure is probably closer to 5.7%, as quoted in the PKC Proxy data for ‘self-catering units’.
  • We need more time to consider the implications of a planning control zone and request an extension of the window for consultation to 31st December 2023. Businesses are being asked to consider this proposal in the middle of the summer holidays, using flawed data – both of which are unreasonable. In the event that an extension to the deadline to this consultation is not granted, we would urge everyone, whether for or against these proposals, to complete the survey using the comment boxes to draw attention to the quality and veracity of the data.

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