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STL Solutions: Supporting Short-Term Let Operators

Whilst the Judicial Review was underway, members of the Judicial Review team discussed the best approach to support self-caterers through Applications and Appeals processes (licensing, planning and non-domestic rates revaluations). 

Fiona Campbell, Chief Executive of the Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers, (ASSC) said:

Following the successful Judicial Review in Edinburgh, STL Solutions has been created to support Scotland’s small accommodation sector to navigate legislation pertaining to short-term letting.  

The experienced team plan to work strategically as a community when appealing Non-Domestic Rates decisions, applying for Planning Permission and Certificates of Lawfulness and, of course, Short-Term Let Licences, to facilitate the process and optimise results.

For advice on these critical areas that will be affecting your business, contact the team to help you through the process.”*

Who is the team behind STL Solutions?

STL Solutions is a collaborative group of industry experts, composed of members of the Judicial Review team, together with an experienced team of lawyers, planning consultants and other experts that can support the self-catering sector.

Why does STL Solutions exist?

The JR team identified that the self-catering community urgently needs a collaborative approach to addressing regulatory changes. Applying as individual businesses weakens your chances for a successful outcome.

This strategy uses the power of the community to get as many self-caterers through this process with the best results. For maximum impact it needs as many people in the industry to collaborate. Applying as individual businesses may weaken the chance for a successful outcome. 

They created STL Solutions to apply these strategies, to provide you the greatest chance of success.

What services do STL Solutions offer you?

You’ll work with an experienced team with advanced knowledge of the current legal landscape. This team will get you through the hurdles of application and appeal processes.

Using their strategy built especially for this community, they can help with:

  • Licensing and Safety Compliance
  • Guidance on Planning Requirements
  • Non-Domestic Rates Reviews
  • Assistance through Appeal Processes.

Is there a charge for the services?

Yes, there is a fee, which varies depending on your circumstances.

As a way of thanking the community, all self-catering business owners who made a donation to the Judicial Review Fundraising will receive a 10% discount on fees.

Who can benefit from STL Solutions?

Anyone operating any form of short-term accommodation or a self-catering property, including:

  • Secondary letting – properties you let out full time (self-catering)
  • Home letting (renting out your home when away)
  • Home sharing (B&B or letting a room in your home)

What should you do now?

Get in touch today. Email the team on info@stlsolutions.co.uk, with a brief outline of your situation. A member of the team will get in touch with you, and talk through your options.

*This is not an ASSC company and the ASSC is not part of the team.

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