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Short-Term Let Regulations: Media Coverage

Over the past week, Scotland’s self-catering community has once again been thrust into the spotlight, capturing the attention of multiple press outlets.

As we continue to navigate the complexities of this ongoing crisis, we understand the importance of shedding light on the diverse perspectives and challenges faced by self-catering operators. For your convenience, the ASSC has compiled a comprehensive list of articles highlighting the devastating state of the ongoing short-term let crisis.

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The Scottish Daily Express, SNP shamed for ‘unnecessary pain inflicted’ on short term let industry as over 60% still to apply for license, 09/08/23

Edinburgh Live, Edinburgh Council short-term let crack down ‘more difficult’ after court ruling, 07/08/23

Midlothian View, Edinburgh’s short-term lets policy changed after court ruling, 04/08/23

Edinburgh Live, New Edinburgh short-term let rules changed after court verdict, 04/08/23

Evening News, Persecuting short term let owners won’t solve housing shortage – Sue Webber, 04/08/23

FT, Are Scotland’s rent controls working?, 03/08/23

The Stage, Edinburgh focus | What can be done to save the world’s biggest and best arts festival?, 03/08/23

Courier, Perth flat owners living under hot-tub apartment back council’s Airbnb crackdown, 03/08/23

Landlord Zone, Short term lets under threat…, 03/08/23.

BBC Radio Five Live, Wake Up to Money, 03/08/23 [Louise Dickins appears at approx. 48mins 40 secs in]

STV News, STV News at Six, 02/08/23 [segment including Fiona Campbell interviews begins at 13mins 35 secs in]

Scotsman, Readers Letters: Let it be [letter by self-caterer Neil J Bryce], 03/08/23.

Scotsman, Scottish Government must act to ensure holiday lets licensing scheme is not yet another SNP blunder – Scotsman comment, 02/08/23

Edinburgh Inquirer, It’s showtime for the Festivals but is it squeaky board time at RBS?, 02/08/23

Grampian Online, Deadline looms for short-term lets licensing, 02/08/23

FT, Scotland’s crackdown on short-term rentals leaves landlords fearing for their future, 02/08/23

Press & Journal, Applicant decries government legislation that brings ‘total chaos’ to self-catering property owners, 01/08/23

Scotsman, Scottish Government warned holiday lets licensing scheme will be ‘absolutely catastrophic’, as deadline looms, 01/08/23

Scottish Housing News, Two months to go before short-term lets licensing deadline, 01/08/23

The Highland Times, Two Months to go Before Short-Term Lets Licensing Deadline, 01/08/23

Insider, Short-term let businesses ‘should not miss’ October licence deadline, 01/08/23

Scottish Government, Two months to go before short-term lets licensing deadline, 01/08/23

ASSC’s CEO Fiona Campbell’s appearance on BBC Radio Scotland’s GMS, 01/08/23, can be accessed here from approximately 1 hr 54 mins in: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m001p6sg. The Minister for Housing Paul McLennan was interviewed at approx. 2hrs 50mins in.

Scottish Housing News, Campaigners drop Old Town banner demanding action on short-term lets, 31/07/23

Evening NewsEdinburgh protest: Residents gather in city centre to demand action on ‘irresponsible’ short term lets, 30/07/23

NationalUnion urge Edinburgh council to regulate short term lets amid housing crisis, 29/07/23

Edinburgh LiveEdinburgh residents protest in city centre as they demand action on ‘irresponsible’ short term lets, 29/07/23

TimesHoliday house swappers must get a licence or face fine, says SNP, 29/07/23 [copied below]

East Lothian CourierCraig Hoy MSP column: A sledgehammer to crack a nut, 29/07/23

Daily MailSNP’s Airbnb tax will wipe £133million from the economy and threaten the livelihoods of 7,000 people, 28/07/23

Edinburgh Evening News, 28/07/23, (clipping below)

Scottish Daily Express, SNP short-term lets policy will ‘endanger’ Scotland’s economy as tourists face accommodation crisis, 27/07/23

STV News, Short term letting providers ‘will quit Scotland’ under licence plans, 27/07/23

Clydebank Post, Short-term lets policy slammed as ‘seriously detrimental’, 27/07/23

Courier, Perthshire Tory councillor upset new rules may end his holidays to US, 27/07/23

East Lothian Courier, A sledgehammer to crack a nut, 27/07/23 [clipping below]

Daily Mail, SNP’s Airbnb tax will wipe £133million from the economy and threaten the livelihoods of 7,000 people, 28/07/23

ASSC chief executive Fiona Campbell responded to the Scottish government on 01/08/23, saying:

“The Scottish government is urging short term lets operators to rush to inflict an act of self-sabotage on their businesses and livelihoods.

“In the meantime, these same operators are urgently addressing their need to cover rising living costs and keep their businesses afloat.

“There is still time for the Scottish government to change course and prevent this act of self-harm from doing even more damage.”

“The Scottish government has made a virtue of its plans to engage with industry and listen to their concerns. Their disregard for the concerns of short term let operators, large and small, tourism bodies and even some elected officials over the course of the last three years, is baffling at best and negligent at worst.  It does not bode well for meaningful or proactive relationships with businesses in future.”

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