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Dew: Kinder Cleaning

Dew are delighted to be able to offer ASSC members exclusive discounts on their range of products.

What is Dew and how can it help your Holiday Letting business?

Based in Scotland, we manufacture environmentally, people and animal friendly cleaning, sanitising and infection control products.

We do this by electrolysing a water and salt brine solution at our warehouse in Dundee.  This process produces two liquids.

From the positive side of the machine – we create a liquid that we use in our Disinfect, Sanitiser and Air sanitiser product.  The active ingredient in this liquid is a skin compatible Hypochlorous Acid – (HOCL) compound – Our bodies produce HOCL to help fight infection and is a very well researched substance in disinfection applications. This liquid will destroy 99.995% of viruses and bacteria and conforms to BS EN 14476 and many other standards that are available to view on our website.

This liquid is also used in fogging and misting applications.

From the negative side of the machine – we create a liquid that is an incredible general-purpose cleaner and degreaser.

None of our liquids contain any hash chemicals and do not have any COSHH requirements.  This makes us the ideal choice for cleaning and sanitising.

We have teamed up with ASSC to offer members exclusive discounts on our machinery and liquid that will help you stay open safely and save time between changeovers.

We have four machines that we are offering exclusive deals on

  • Mains operated fogging machine – This will allow you to sanitise the air, fabrics and surfaces very quickly and safely. There is no need for PPE to be worn whilst using the machine and no ‘down time’ is required after fogging.  As the liquid poses no health hazard, you could in fact fog a room full of people and they would come to no harm.
  • Battery operated cordless fogging machine – This works in the same way as the one mentioned above however is rechargeable – You will get about 45 minutes per full charge (which is plenty of time) and will recharge fully within 3 hours.
  • Fog Pod – This is an electrostatic gun and will put an extra positive charge on the water molecule allowing it to essentially ‘wrap’ itself around surfaces and fabrics. This will also sanitise the air.
  • Room/Office humidifiers/misters These emit a very fine, dry mist and will sanitise the air whilst people are in the room. As the mist is so fine, it will not sanitise surfaces – They are ideal for use whilst people are in the room as the mist will destroy airborne pathogens that me be emitted from people talking. We have deals for purchasing 1, 2 or 3 machines. This will ensure that the air quality is of the highest standards whilst in use.

Please have a look at the exclusive deals here.

Please click on the ‘Buy It Now’ button on each link to view the cost savings.  Please also use your browsers back button to take you back to this exclusive landing page as you will be directed to our normal website if you click on the Dew home button.

Please enter the code sent to ASSC Members in the discount code field at checkout when ordering.

We would love to offer all members the opportunity to also open trade accounts to enjoy further cost savings on all of our products.

We have various stockists and ‘refill stations’ up and down the country and this may be something that you may wish to get involved in.  All our smaller trigger bottles come with refillable 5, 10 and 20 litre containers that are then used to refill the empty trigger bottle.  This allows a plastic bottle that would normally be ‘single use’ to be used time and time again and therefore reducing your carbon footprint by reducing plastic waste.  We have recently been awarded the Good HouseKeeping award for our carbon reduction initiative.  Please see link.

We very much look forward to working with you and please feel free to get in touch with myself if you would like to discuss anything about our products or exclusive deals.  Contact Mark by email mark@ecoanolytes.com or by calling  07950 290712.


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