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ASSC Survey October 11th 2023 – Short-Term Let Licence Application Process

The ASSC has gathered data to understand the experiences, challenges, and perceptions relating to the Short-Term Let Licence application process in Scotland and share the key findings below:

Key findings

  • Total responders 1195
  • 65% of survey respondents are ASSC Members
  • 88% of responders are self-catering operators
  • 92% have applied for a licence
  • 96% of those applied are existing operators
  • 40% of applicants have not received any notification relating to their application
  • 39% of those applied have been given a provisional licence and 19% have been granted a licence
  • 69% found the application process difficult
  • 38% experienced difficulty with the application process due to level of IT skills and access to technology
  • 86% rate the overall costs as expensive to very expensive (46% say very expensive)
  • EPC mentioned regularly as an expensive part of the licence process
  • 52% encountered confusion or contradictions in the guidance provided by local authorities. Comments included: Baffling, confusing, complicated, lack of clarity, no single source of truth, conflicting advice, contradiction, no clear guidance, no help from the council.
  • 45% say they did not receive adequate support from their local authority
  • 54% have concerns about the privacy of personal information being shared during the short-term let licence application process
  • 47% noted the primary hurdle was that the application process was ‘burdensome, onerous and time consuming’

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