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ASSC CEO Named in Women in Trade Associations Powerlist 2024

The Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers is delighted to announce that our CEO Fiona Campbell has been named in the Women in Trade Associations (WiTA) Powerlist 2024.

Unveiled on International Women’s Day (8 March), this is a joint initiative by the Trade Association Forum (TAF), the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) and the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) which champions the role of women in trade associations, celebrates their achievements and encourages the next generation of women into the association sector.

TAF, CBI and FSB state that “it is our shared ambition to support our own staff and other inspirational women in trade associations to be powerful advocates for diversity and inclusion in their sectors and more widely to support and encourage female business leaders and entrepreneurs.”

It is understood that Fiona is the only Scotland-based female leader working in tourism to have been highlighted in the 2024 WiTA Powerlist.

Commenting on the news, Fiona Campbell, ASSC CEO said:

“I am thrilled to have been named in the WiTA Powerlist 2024 and I pay tribute to all of my brilliant female colleagues leading their respective sectors across the UK.

I must also commend the many women who play a crucial role at the ASSC. Our Board is majority female and last month Clare Winskill was appointed as our new Chair. My day-to-day duties are supported by a hard-working all-female team comprising Anna, Sharon, Myah, and Victoria. Moreover, it should not be forgotten that 70% of self-catering businesses in Scotland are run by either women or partnerships. The ASSC and our membership continue to lead the way for female representation.

But of course, I am inspired by all ASSC members who have been operating in such challenging circumstances in recent times. Their resilience and dedication help to not only drive our association forward but also our vital tourism industry.”

The full list can be accessed here: Women in Trade Associations – 2024 Powerlist – Trade Association Forum (taforum.org)

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