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ASSC Climate Action Declaration

Today, on Earth Day, the Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers (ASSC) formally commits to Climate Action.

Within one year from today, we commit to establishing baselines to guide us towards developing a measurable and reportable Climate Action Plan. Internally, we will assess and plan to reduce our operational carbon footprint, focusing on digital practices and travel. Externally, we will prioritise sustainable events and support our members and partners in their climate action journey by promoting eco-friendly solutions and providing climate action support and guidance.

Our Climate Action goals will be guided by the principles of Sustainability, Achievability, and Meaningfulness, aiming not only to reduce environmental impact but also to nurture positive social outcomes within our community.

Collaborating with partners and stakeholders will be essential for sharing best practices and disseminating relevant information, supporting our sector. Together, step-by-step, we embark on this journey to make tangible and impactful contributions toward combating climate change and building a sustainable future for Scotland’s Self-Catering Sector.

As part of our commitment, the ASSC has submitted an application to the Glasgow Declaration.

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