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ASSC Perth Regional Gathering Round-Up

What an extraordinary day we had celebrating #EarthDay at our event, filled with insightful discussions and passionate speakers advocating for sustainable tourism practices and climate action.

💚 Here’s a glimpse of the day’s highlights:

Amidst savouring homemade, locally sourced mini muffins and brownies with our tea and coffee, we kicked off with a vibrant networking session, connecting ASSC partners, members, and exhibitors who showcased remarkable products, services, and innovative solutions, inspiring sustainable practices.

Transitioning to our speaker sessions, Fiona Campbell set the tone with a comprehensive update on STL Licensing, Visitor Levy, Non Domestic Rates, FHL abolition and wood burning stoves, and announced the ASSC Climate Action Declaration, setting the stage for our esteemed Speakers and Panellists:

– Tiomoid Foley, VisitScotland’s Net Zero Manager, highlighted responsible tourism practices and the journey to achieving net zero, emphasising how climate action will shape the future of tourism destinations.

– Scott Maclean from Green Tourism delivered invaluable insights on integrating sustainability into businesses for long-term viability, inspiring attendees to view sustainability as a strategic imperative.

– ASSC Chair, Clare Winskill, owner of Coruisk House, shared her passion for climate action, acknowledging the challenges and costs involved, and urging attendees to seek professional advice and foster innovation in their sustainability initiatives.

– Panelist David Lewington underscored the importance of ambition and drive in embarking on the climate action journey, offering practical tips to empower attendees to take proactive steps towards sustainability.

– Dr. Gordon Drummond emphasised the significance of creating concrete plans and establishing baselines to measure progress, offering a clear roadmap for businesses to navigate their sustainability efforts.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all attendees, speakers, and sponsors, including Interhome, SuperControl Online Booking System, and Embrace Scotland.

The event was a testament to our collective commitment to creating a more sustainable and resilient future for the tourism industry. Let’s continue to lead by example and drive positive change!

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