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Public Consultation for the Glasgow City Centre Strategy (CCS) 2024-2030 – deadline 3rd December 2023

Over the last generation, Glasgow city centre emerged as one of Europe’s stand-out urban destinations and a master of reinvention following its industrial past. Through the Covid 19 pandemic it has become clear that Glasgow city centre has been a favoured destination that people travel to in order to work, shop, learn, congress, collaborate, and innovate. However, to build resilience and sustainability, an increase in residential availability is required to unlock demand for local services and amenities.
This strategy focuses attention on three thematic pillars designed to enrich the inherited features of Glasgow’s city centre and shape a new cycle of shared opportunity by continuing to enhance its attractiveness at local, metropolitan and international levels; exploiting its unique innovation potential and creating a sustainable place that people want to live.

Glasgow City Council invite you to take part in a short survey to assess the City Centre Strategy. Your feedback and insights will help shape the future of the city with a specific focus on Magnetic Experience, Front Door to Innovation, and A Place to Live.

The ongoing public consultation for the Glasgow City Centre Strategy (CCS) 2024-2030, will close on 3rd December 2023

Your valuable input is crucial in shaping the future of Glasgow’s city centre.

Consultation Details:

Survey Link: GCC Consultation Hub
Consultation Period: 20th October 2023 – 3rd December 2023

Your feedback on the survey will enable you to have a say in the future of Glasgow city centre. Please take a few minutes, if you haven’t already done so, to complete the survey and share your thoughts on the proposed actions and themes within the new strategy.

If you have any questions or further comments, feel free to reach out to citycentrestrategy@glasgow.gov.uk

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