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29 Automated Touchpoints with SuperControl


As we embrace the leap year, an extra day graces our calendars, offering self-caterers a unique opportunity to reflect on and refine their guest communication strategies. In a world where time is precious and guest expectations are higher than ever, finding ways to automate and personalise communication can set your property apart. That’s where SuperControl comes into play, transforming how you connect with guests from booking to post-stay—and every step in between.

The Power of Automation

In the leap year spirit of making the most of extra time, SuperControl’s automated email and SMS capabilities are the ultimate tools for enhancing guest experiences without the added manual burden. These features not only save you time but also ensure that every guest feels personally attended to, from the moment they book to long after they’ve checked out.

29 Prompts for Every Guest Journey

Imagine keeping up with guest communications without the constant back-and-forth. That’s where SuperControl steps in, offering a smooth way to keep the conversation going. We’ve lined up 29 guest communication prompts for you, designed to engage guests at just the right moments, from booking to post-stay goodbyes:


  1. Pre-Booking Inquiry Response: “Thank you for your interest in [Property Name]! Here’s everything you need to know to make your stay unforgettable.”
  1. Booking Confirmation: “Your adventure at [Property Name] is booked! Here are your reservation details and what to expect next.”
  1. Payment Confirmation: “We’ve received your payment! Your booking is now confirmed, and we can’t wait to welcome you.”
  1. Pre-Arrival Tips & Tricks: “Get ready for your stay with these insider tips to make the most of [Location/Property].”
  1. Countdown to Stay: “Only a week until your stay at [Property Name]! Here’s a quick checklist to ensure you’re all set.”
  1. Weather Forecast for Stay: “Pack your bags with [Location’s] weather in mind! Here’s the forecast for your stay.”
  1. Local Events During Stay: “Enhance your visit with these local events happening during your stay at [Property Name].”
  1. Check-In Instructions: “Your comfort is our priority! Here’s how to check in smoothly upon arrival.”
  1. Welcome Message Upon Arrival: “Welcome to [Property Name]! We’re thrilled to have you. Here’s how to make the most of your first day.”
  1. Daily Itinerary Suggestions: “Explore the best of [Location] with our daily itinerary suggestions tailored for you.”
  1. Special Offers During Stay: “Exclusive to our guests: Enjoy these special offers from our local partners during your stay.”
  1. Mid-Stay Check-In: “How’s everything going at [Property Name]? We’re here to make your stay perfect.”
  1. Upcoming Event Reminder: “Don’t miss out! Remember, [Event] is happening tomorrow. Here are the details.”
  1. Weather Alert (if applicable): “Heads up! Here’s how to stay prepared for [Weather Event] during your stay.”
  1. Check-Out Reminder: “Your stay isn’t over yet, but here’s a gentle reminder for a smooth check-out [Date/Time].”
  1. Check-Out Instructions: “We hate goodbyes, but here’s everything you need to know for hassle-free check-out.”
  1. Thank You Message Post-Stay: “Thank you for choosing [Property Name]! We hope your stay was everything you wished for.”
  1. Feedback Request: “We’d love to hear about your experience. Help us improve by sharing your thoughts.”
  1. Review Request: “Impressed by your stay? Share the love with a review on [Platform].”
  1. Loyalty Programme Invitation: “Loved your stay? Join our loyalty programme for exclusive benefits on your next visit!”
  1. Referral Programme Introduction: “Share the joy of [Property Name]! Refer a friend and enjoy rewards for both of you.”
  1. General Appreciation: “We’re so glad you chose [Property Name]! Enjoy this exclusive offer as a token of our appreciation.”
  1. Holiday Greetings: “Wishing you a wonderful [Holiday] from all of us at [Property Name]!”
  1. Celebration: “Celebrating something special? Let [Property Name] make it unforgettable with a special offer just for you.”
  1. Seasonal Promotions: “Discover [Location] in [Season]! Here are some reasons to visit us again.”
  1. New Property or Service Announcement: “Exciting news from [Property Name]! Be the first to experience our new [Property/Service].”
  1. Upcoming Availability Alert: “Dreaming of a getaway? We have upcoming availability for your perfect escape.”
  1. Loyal Guest Reward: “Thank you for choosing [Property Name] again and again! To show our appreciation for your loyalty, we’re excited to present you with a special offer for your next visit. Let’s create more unforgettable memories together.”
  1. Annual Stay Anniversary: “It’s been a year since your stay at [Property Name]! Here’s a special offer to celebrate and return.”


SuperControl: Your Partner in Automated Guest Communication 

By now, you’ve discovered 29 prompts that can update your guest communication journey. Each prompt serves as a touchpoint to engage, inform, and delight your guests. But how does it all come together seamlessly? The answer lies in SuperControl’s automated email and SMS capabilities.

  • The Power of Automation:SuperControl’s automated messaging system takes the guesswork out of guest communication. It ensures that the right message reaches your guests at the right time, without you having to monitor your inbox constantly. This automation not only saves you time but also enhances the guest experience.
  • Tailored for You:These automated messages are fully customisable to reflect your property’s personality and brand. Whether you want to add a personal touch, highlight unique offerings, or simply keep guests informed, SuperControl gives you the flexibility to tailor each message according to your preferences.
  • Effortless Efficiency:Think of SuperControl as your silent partner, working diligently in the background to make sure your guests have a smooth and enjoyable experience. It handles routine tasks, sends timely reminders, and ensures that your guests feel cared for at every step of their journey.

Sound Interesting?

Ready to explore how SuperControl’s automated emails and SMS can enhance your guest communication journey? It’s not just about saving time; it’s about creating memorable guest experiences effortlessly.

Book a discovery call to learn more about how SuperControl can support you to automated guest communication. ASSC offers 10% OFF your SuperControl first-year licence fee as a member benefit. Log in as a member and access member benefits in the Trade Supplier Directory. Scroll down to find SuperControl: Access Exclusive Member Benefits where you will find the SuperControl 10% discount Promo Code.


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