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Economic Impact Assessment of Short-Term Lettings on the Scottish Economy

The Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers commissioned Frontline Consultants to carry out a major study to measure the Economic Impact of the Self-Catering sector in Scotland.

The evaluation reveals the economic impact of all visits made to self-catering providers in Scotland, and provides an area by area breakdown of this expenditure. It:

  • assesses expenditure by property-owners and managers, and visitors in the local economy;
  • provides an independent, evidence-based, understanding of the direct and indirect economic impact/contribution of the self-catering sector in Scotland;
  • estimate the full-time equivalent jobs supported by the sector.

The findings from this research provide evidence of the value of the self-catering sector to the Scottish economy and heighten the recognition of the sector as an essential part of the tourism mix and economic growth.

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