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ASSC Strategic Plan 2023-2026

The ASSC stands at a crossroads in its development. The demands of change have had a major impact on our operation over the last three years and it is now time to re-evaluate and re-establish our vision, purpose and focus. To do so it is necessary to reaffirm some key principles and align them to the priorities of the people and communities we exist to serve. Our Strategic Plan 2023-2026 outlines how we will achieve this.

The ASSC’s activity will be guided by these principles which can be expressed as:

  1. We are accountable. We hold our strategies up to the scrutiny of our members and stakeholders.
  2. We are member services and benefit centred. We put member and stakeholder priorities first.
  3. We are collaborative. We bring our diverse range of stakeholders together to help shape our strategies.
  4. We are decisive. We make difficult choices and keep moving forward.
  5. We are responsive and ever evolving. We seek ongoing input from our communities and continually hone our approach according to their feedback.
  6. We are fair in our approach and actions to ensure member opportunities are inclusive with an equal spread across Scotland.
  7. We are committed to the promotion of self-catering accommodation having a key role in sustainable tourism.

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