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Code of Conduct

ASSC Launches Code of Conduct for Traditional Self-Catering Sector

The Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers launched a Code of Conduct, aimed at improving standards in the industry and encouraging best practice.

The Code has been developed alongside a Scottish Government study and comes with a Policy Recommendation Paper, which sets out how the vital self-catering sector in Scotland can be improved for customers, hosts, and all others involved. Both documents have been presented to the Expert Panel on the Collaborative Economy.

ASSC launched its Code of Conduct in association with the Short-Term Accommodation Association (STAA), which has also developed a policy paper looking into improving working life for platform hosts. During the process of drafting both the policy document and the Code of Conduct, ASSC and STAA worked together in close collaboration, in association with key collaborative economy platforms such as Airbnb, for the benefit of all parts of the industry (September 2017).

ASSC Code of Conduct

STAA code of conduct


Code of Conduct Press Release

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