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Our Vision & Objectives

Our Vision

To place our members at the forefront of a professional, vibrant and prosperous Scottish self-catering sector. The ASSC’s purpose is ‘to represent and promote the interests of all self-catering accommodation businesses in Scotland‘.

Our Objectives

In 2017 ASSC incorporated and the Association is now a cooperative consortium limited by guarantee. The company is owned by the membership and its objectives are:

  • To establish, support and promote quality standards for self-catering accommodation premises and businesses
  • To represent and further the interests of members to Industry Bodies, Government, Executive Agencies, Local Authorities and any other appropriate organisations
  • To advise on members’ operational methods and to assist in marketing and profitability
  • To develop and promote services for the benefit of member
  • To negotiate special terms with suppliers for purchases made by members and to advise on sources of supply
  • To promote the image of self-caterers in Scotland in general, and the members of the Co-operative in particular
  • To pool information for the benefit of members.
  • Efficiently managing the Association and its resources

Delivery Strategy

Information, help, advice and support

  • Provide regular communication to Members: e-communications, written and face to face opportunities (annual Conference), Member-Member communications (Forum)
  • Provide a comprehensive Members website
  • Provide a comprehensive library of Guidance Sheets
  • Develop suitable training opportunities and encourage Continued Professional Development of all members


  • Provide a compelling customer-facing website, offering high levels of traffic, driving enquiries and potential bookings
  • Provide social media opportunities
  • Provide PR and press coverage
  • Develop joint ventures with other organisations to drive increased traffic and awareness
  • Distribute regular Newsletters to visitor database
  • Develop marketing in line with technological changes


  • Promote the best interests of Members, the sector and tourism in general
  • Engage with Government and Scottish Parliament
  • Engage with agencies
  • Engage with industry bodies
  • Campaign on behalf of the Membership on topic specific issues

Commitment to Quality & Customer Service

  • Provide a quality standard and a Code of Conduct
  • Support and endorse the Common Standard
  • Set a minimum standard for Marketing Members
  • Develop and promote Continued Professional Development for all members
  • Offer a range of training and development opportunities


  • Negotiating preferential packages with Trade Suppliers on behalf of the Membership: utilities, insurance, finance, furnishings, web designers, photographers etc

Efficient Management

  • Recruit, appoint & manage required staff
  • Continually review the development strategy of the organisation
  • Ensure financial accountability
  • Develop, retain and administer Membership
  • Organise events
  • Ensure clear communication
  • Ensure the Association meets its Key Performance Indicators

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