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ASSC Announces Working Relationships with Brodies LLP and Houghton Planning

The Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers welcomes Brodies LLP and Houghton Planning Limited as Partners for Business.

The Partners for Business scheme aims to secure a collaborative relationship between the ASSC and leading experts in industry, who provide a valuable contribution to the work of the ASSC and the support of its members.

Agreements will see the leading UK law firm and established planning consultancy provide the trade body for Scottish self-catering with advice on short-term let planning law and practice.

The new deal will complement the ASSC’s other partnership with Gilson Gray LLP, who provide legal advice and counsel on all matters relating to short-term let licensing.

Brodies LLP offers clients specialist legal planning advice, and has previously assisted the ASSC with legal opinion on planning matters.

Houghton Planning has indicated that they can help ASSC members navigate the Scottish planning system by offering practical advice on how to prepare and submit a Planning Application, or Certificate of Lawfulness. They will also explain the differences between the two processes, and can offer advice on which is likely to be the most appropriate for individual members to pursue.

In the wake of the implementation of the Scottish Government’s short-term let regulation, the ASSC, and its network of partners including Brodies LLP and Houghton Planning Limited, has reaffirmed its commitment to helping ASSC members comply with all laws and rules that they are required to.

In addition, the ASSC is also focused on making sure that its members, who represent the core of Scotland’s professional self-catering sector, have the legal guidance, advice, and support that they need to do their jobs.

Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers Chief Executive, Fiona Campbell, said:

“I’m delighted that the ASSC is partnering with the experts at Brodies and Houghton Planning.

“At a time in which self-catering is facing yet more onerous and counterproductive regulations, it will reassure our members to know that they’ve got robust professional advice behind them.

“As a trade body, we’re dedicated to ensuring that our members have everything they need to keep their businesses thriving, whether that is advice, counsel,  representation, or anything else.”

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