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Loved By Locals

Promote your property and your area with a local’s recommendation, to prime visitors for an adventure.
By submitting a Loved by Locals tip, your business can attract visitors to attractions local to you, as well as to your self-catering property. This could be a local attraction, a walking route, or a natural wonder. Your submission will be available for download or to be printed out for the visitor to use on their holiday, or by you to place in your property or properties.

Tell your region’s story

As part of the ASSC’s work to encourage visitors to discover the real Scotland, Loved by Locals aides the planning of a unique, authentic holiday in Scotland. Your tips help us to build guides to the local regions of Scotland, whilst creating more compelling reasons for holidaygoers to explore your town, village or county.

Uncover hidden gems

Upload your tips directly via the link below, telling us about your tip, where it is, and how to get there. You can link it to your property, add images, and pinpoint your recommendation on the map.

Have your tip promoted on EmbraceScotland’s social media channels

Attract traffic from search engines curious about visiting your local area

Contribute to useful resource guiding conscious tourists in Scotland

Align your recommendations, and the region, with your property

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