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Amnesty Deadline Tomorrow: Music Licensing for Short-Term Let Operators in Scotland

The following guidance is for short-term let operators in Scotland and outlines the regulations in regard to music royalty for the use of music in the property (including TV and radio).

PPL PRS choose not to charge a royalty for the use of music (including TV and radio) in self-catering apartment(s) or holiday cottage(s) etc where all of the following criteria is met:

  • The accommodation consists of three self-catering units* or fewer, irrespective of the number of bedrooms in each.
  • The premises is the sole holiday let, self-catering apartments, holiday cottage business operated or owned by the proprietors
  • Facilities are only available to resident guests (and, in the case of holiday premises, the proprietors)Regardless of size of business, the exemptions to paying for this licence are not applicable under the following circumstances:
  • You have a CD/DVD library

If your client base includes businesses as opposed to families and friends booking.

If these are on your website, then it is entirely possible, that even if your business falls under the exemptions below in the major update, that you will have to pay a licence.

The fee structure is based upon the Small Residential Hotels and Guest House Tariff. We did not manage to get a dedicated Self-Catering Tariff, although we are still working on this.
We have example case studies of what charges might look like for larger business, which are considerably less than some of the charges previously levied. For example, an operator with 4 properties in a single site would be paying £61.77.

PRS Higher Rate Royalty:
If an operator has not applied for and obtained PRS for Music’s licence before musical performances commence, a higher (standard rate plus 50%) royalty rate will be charged and payable for the first year of the licence. After the first year of the licence, the standard royalty rate will be charged and payable.

We have negotiated an ‘amnesty’ for the first-year surcharge of 50%, if operators proactively contact PPL/PRS and pay before the end of March 2023. For this to apply you will need to contact PPL/PRS as described below and pay by 31 March 2023. If a non-exempt operator proactively contacts PRS PPL and applies and pays for a licence before 31 March 2023, PRS PPL have agreed to waive the 50% surcharge. If they contact you, then this will not apply.

Quote PPLPRSMAR23. You will need to proactively contact PRS PPL for this to be applied.

PRS PPL can be contacted, and licences applied for via their website https://pplprs.co.uk or by phone on 08000 720 808.

This is the type of representation work that the ASSC undertakes on behalf of its members. If you are not yet a member, please Join the ASSC to help us to continue working tirelessly on behalf of the entire small accommodation sector.

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