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What do guests think about Edinburgh short-term lets?

What do guests think about Edinburgh short term lets? It is a good question.

“Understanding what guests think – why and how often they use self catering accommodation and what they would do if staying in a home in Edinburgh becomes much more difficult, is surely an important aspect to consider? But the powers that be (or were in the case of The City of Edinburgh Council which saw Adam McVey’s SNP lose control this week) do not seem to have been interested in what they think. Instead, it was far easier to paint them as inconsiderate, noisy hoodlums and at the heart of tearing apart communities. And whilst hideous guests exist, I don’t know any and I’ve been letting homes in the city for 24 years”. 
Association of Scotland’s Self-Caterers Chief Executive, Fiona Campbell, said:
“With a change in administration for Edinburgh comes the chance for a more practical, grown-up, and productive conversation about Edinburgh’s self-catering industry.
“If our new council works with our sector, making their decisions based on evidence rather than unfounded hunches and idle speculation, then there’s room for growth, jobs, and sustainability that will really help the city.

“Our association is ready to work constructively with the council for the good of everyone who lives and works in Edinburgh and we sincerely hope they feel the same way.”

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