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ASSC Survey Self-Catering Booking Trends in Scotland August 2023

11th August 2023

The ASSC conducted a survey, closing date 7th August 2023. The survey aimed to gather information on booking trends for self-catering holiday accommodation in Scotland compared to 2019. The survey also looked at business pressures such as cancellations, business investment and short-term let licensing.

The data shown in the below survey results will be used to inform ongoing discussions with the Scottish Government and other stakeholders.


1270 responses where gathered.

  • 70% of properties were described as rural or on an island.
  • 41% noticed a noticeable increase in international bookings.
  • 42% noted a that the booking lead time has decreased since 2019.
  • 35% rated 2023 occupancy over all as moderate, with 16% rating it low or very low and 48% rating it as high or very high.
  • Compared to the same time last year, 32% said the occupancy level had stayed the same, but 39% noted that it had decreased.
  • Compared to 2019, 21% said the occupancy level had stayed the same, but 38% noted that it had decreased.
  • Looking ahead to Autumn (September-November 2023), based on current enquiries and/or bookings, 25% expect the number of autumn bookings compared to the same period last year to be about the same, with 53% expecting it to be slower or significantly lower.
  • Factors deemed to be influencing the change in autumn bookings include the economic situation in the UK (57%), more people heading overseas for holidays (31%), booking trends are changing, bookings are more last minute (33%) and other (27%).
  • Compared to 2022, 51% have experienced no change in the number of cancellations, with 27% noting an increase in cancellations.
  • Factors impacting on cancellations include changes in customer behaviour and priorities (18%), financial difficulties impacting travel plans (19%).
  • 31% are seeing weaker demand in September 2023, 43% in October, 51% in November and 39% in December.

Survey Findings

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