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Media Update: Short-Term Let Regulations & Tourism News – September 2023

As we approach the final deadline for Short-Term Let (STL) legislation, Scotland’s STL community continues to draw significant media attention, featured prominently in the press, TV and other media outlets.

The ASSC remains resolute in advocating for regulation, but always with a commitment to fairness and reason. Our advocacy for proportionate and well-justified regulation dates back to 2016. Unfortunately, the current framework falls short, and policies across Scotland are now being deemed unlawful. Our pursuit of a better solution persists…

Below, you’ll find a compilation of the most recent media coverage on this issue and other related tourism news.

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20th September 2023

19th September 2023

18th September 2023


Friday 15th September 2023

14th September 2023

13th September 2023

Visitor Levy


12th September 2023

10th September 2023

9th September 2023

8th September 2023

7th September 2023

6th September 2023

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