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UPDATE: Self-Catering Accommodation Under New Restrictions

Following the First Minister’s Statement yesterday afternoon where the new Covid-19 restrictions were announced, the ASSC obtained legal clarification from the Scottish Government at 3.30pm confirming the following:

The bans on visiting other households indoors will not extend to self-catering accommodation. This is also the case for all non-private dwellings: hotels, hostels,members clubs, boarding houses or bed and breakfasts. The new restrictions apply to people’s homes, not commercial accommodation businesses. Commercial accommodation is not included in the ban.

HOWEVER, we understand that this morning Professor Jason Leitch, Clinical Director for Scottish Government, advised BBC Scotland that two households can NOT stay in a Self-Catering Property.

This will have a massive impact on the Self-Catering sector, and we are currently working behind the scenes to understand the actual position the Scottish Government are taking on this.  

We would like to advise the sector, and guests due to stay in self-catering properties in the near future, so please bear with us while we work through this issue. We will provide more clarity on the situation as and when we have a definitive update from the Scottish Government.

We cannot give you any more detail at this moment, so please don’t call or email on this subject. We will, of course update as soon as we possibly can. Thank you for understanding.



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